The starch mask cleanses the skin

Due to its stickiness, starch completely cleans the skin and removes all skin impurities and is also very effective in healing pimples.

To make a starch mask, you can use a tablespoon of low-fat yogurt and a teaspoon of starch, and you can use a spoon of milk or water instead of yogurt, the purpose of adding liquids is to dissolve the starch.

After mixing and becoming lukewarm, gently apply it on the skin and wait until it is completely absorbed and dry, and remember to wait until it is completely absorbed by the skin and it is placed on the skin like a layer of glass and it dries so much that the word It becomes difficult to hit in this situation due to the opening and closing of the mouth.

Use this mask once a week with lukewarm water until the mask is dry and then wash with cold water.


24 July 1393 08:15

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