The symptom of these diseases is excessive fatigue

Feeling tired, sleepy, lethargic and weak may be a sign of one of the diseases such as urinary tract infection, heart disease, dehydration, lack of sleep, depression, sleep apnea, hyperthyroidism, diabetes.

He said: Excessive fatigue can be rooted in various factors, of which physical diseases are one of the causes and can appear as fatigue.

He further said: Anemia, kidney problems, hypothyroidism, heart and respiratory diseases require a lot of energy and when the necessary energy and blood supply is not done completely, a person feels tired.

He added: One of the most common symptoms of depression is the feeling of extreme fatigue, just as a person feels depressed.

He pointed out: If a person’s view of life is not realistic and negative, it will lead to excessive fatigue in him.

He stated: When a person’s mental feeling is sad, upset and tired, he has physical weakness, which is due to “biological changes in the body” and changes in the brain. Other symptoms of fatigue include lack of appetite and lack of sleep.

He admitted: One of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer is feeling tired and depressed. By diagnosing the cause of the complication, the treatment of fatigue is done, for example, if a person is suffering from hypothyroidism, his fatigue is also treated by treating this complication. If a person’s feeling of tiredness is rooted in depression, he should see a psychiatrist and undergo drug therapy.

29 July 1393 15:13

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