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These 5 Herbs Will Dramatically Help Improve Your Memory

Nature has its own way of blessing us with a cure for a variety of issues such as skin problems, physiological or neurotic diseases as well as lack of focus or relaxation. Of course, yoga is a one way of dealing with stress but herbs without a doubt is a great way to treat these above-mentioned problems naturally, without the use of chemicals. It is proven that herbs can help with progressive conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s and increase knowledge retention.

There are some situations where people are not able to take topical over-the-counter medicine because of its side effects or even general disliking. Herbs can be a great alternative because they have proven to be completely worth it, with the only issue of slow effectiveness. Herbal remedies take their time. It is also a good way if you wish to save money on expensive pharmaceuticals, or have an extremely sensitive condition. Even from an academic perspective, students and learners can really benefit from the below mentioned herbs.

Here are 5 herbs to improve your memory:


This particular herb is known for improving cognitive function, it can also be used along with Ginseng in order to boost cognitive capabilities. Periwinkle is also considered to be a great alternative to doctor prescribed medicine for psychological diseases like ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It can be a cure for blood pressure and help reduce swelling in several areas of your body. Additionally, this herb can help protect us from radiation because of the compounds that it is made up of. Overall, it boosts brain metabolism and allows you to have more focus and concentration.

Gingko Biloba

Probably with the highest amount of research, this herb has the ability to regenerate brain cells. In conditions like Alzheimer’s, the extracts of this herb can decrease the damage to the nerve calls which promotes the growth of new cells as well as the generation of brand new cells in the brain areas which have become vulnerable due to the degenerative impact of the disease. For those people, who do not suffer from these diseases, Gingko can help you with your memory just as good because it improves the blood circulation through the brain as well as protect the cells from harmful protein or fat that can decrease the abilities of brain cells. Other than this, it is also a good antioxidant for our body but should ingested carefully as they can be harmful if mixed with certain medication or blood thinners.


A considerable amount of research has shown that smelling rosemary, as an essential oil, can boost memory. Not only does it apply to memory, this scent improves accuracy and speed while performing different kinds of tasks that require mental abilities. The main chemical component present within this herb is known as 8-cineole, which can enable us to score better on cognitive or mental tests. It overall boosts the brain which evidently helps in memory retention as well. It is recommended to use Rosemary essential oils in old burners around your house for a refreshing smell as well as a replenishment for your brain.


Sage is a traditional European herbal remedy for improving one’s memory. The essential oil extracts from the leaves are considered to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They help preserve the neurotransmitters and protect neurons in the brain which are decreased when the person suffers through diseases like ADHD. Doctors and researchers recommend the oral consumption of dried sage leaves in a small amount or a few drops of essential sage oil to boost memory in old as well as young people. Just like rosemary, smelling sage or keeping an essential oil candle around the house can improve mood and improving, providing your house a good soothing vibe at the same time.

Chinese Club Moss

This herb protects our brain from harmful agents such as beta-amyloid, which cause severe damage to our nerve cells, specifically found in Dementia patients. Chinese club moss is made up of huperzine A which is known to improve cognitive function and behavior in people with forgetfulness or attention deficits disorders. However, this specific herb can have a drug like effect on you if you ingest its purified extract. It is recommended that you purchase the dietary supplements that are available in the market, other than that, it has very few side effects caused by Huperzine A – they could include dizziness, nausea or even diarrhea.

Do give it a try but remember, that is always a wise decision to consult your doctor before you plan on self-medicating. I hope you remember that.

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