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These Are The 6 Best Doctors In The World (and No One Can Deny It)

Most people turn to their medical doctor when they seek solutions to their health problems. The prescription to their health often leave them feeling the nasty side effects of the drugs they are given. What many people don’t know is that the recipe to their own health is right at their fingertips with nature’s own six simple doctors.

These 6 BEST doctors in the world will not only help guide you on the road to wellness, they’ll change your life!

1. Sunshine

Why is sunshine important? The sun gives you vitamin D (something you cannot get through diet alone), and vitamin D helps control how much calcium we absorb. If we don’t get enough sun (or live in colder areas of the world where getting adequate sun is limited), then our bodies do not produce vitamin D, and our calcium levels drop (leading to diseases like osteoporosis and bones that are weak). By spending adequate amount of time outside every day in the sun (15-20 minutes daily), our bodies will produce the required amounts of vitamin D. If getting sunshine is not possible, taking a vitamin D supplement daily is crucial for good health.

2. Diet

What we consume on a day to day basis is also important. Our diets reflect how we feel and look. Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds will help make your body glow. Cutting out processed junk foods, canned goods, frozen meals, soda, candy, fast food and deli meats (the list goes on), will reveal a younger and happier YOU. Our diets are often a good indicator of our health – eating fresh, clean, whole foods will put you on the path to leading a disease and illness free life.

3. Exercise

Exercise is incredibly important. Aerobic exercise helps to pump and filter out our lymphatic system and also helps circulate blood through your heart and blood vessels. The more harder your heart has to work and pump more blood, the lower your risk of developing heart disease. Working out on a regular basis helps to lower the build-up of plaques in your arteries and thus increases your HDL (good) cholesterol while decreasing your LDL (bad) cholesterol. Try swimming, HIIT (high intensity interval training), running, walking, biking, roller blading, or dancing for your aerobic exercise.

Exercise also helps maintain strong bones and muscles through resistance exercises such as weight lifting, yoga and pilates. By strengthening our muscles we help to preserve bone mass and increase bone density (and therefore helps prevent osteoporosis).

Of course, exercise also helps to manage our weight by revving our metabolism and helping the body burn fat more efficiently (especially when we add resistance exercise to build muscle mass which naturally burns fat even when we are at rest). Losing body fat can make you look and feel better and will help reduce your risk of obesity.

4. Water

I cannot stress the importance of drinking water. I remember when I only drank 1 litre of water a day (if that) – I felt horrible, my skin was dry and my moods were not stable. Our blood, muscles, lungs and brain all contain water. In fact, our bodies are technically 80% water. Water regulates our body temperature and allows nutrients to travel to our organs and tissues. It helps protects our organs and joints, transports oxygen to our cells and removes waste. Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day (minimum) is a good place to start. If you exercise, you should consider drinking more. I drink up to 4 litres of water daily, and haven’t felt better! Listen to your body, and remember to consciously drink water throughout the day.

5. Sleep

In today’s busy world many of us do not have time to sleep, or at least we get very little sleep. Sleep is an anabolic, or building, process. It helps restore our energy supplies and repairs tissues and cells that have been broken down throughout the day. Without adequate sleep we won’t be able to work or think as clearly as we normally would when fully rested – in other words, when we sleep we restore our mental energy.

Sleep improves our muscle tone and skin appearance. I always notice after I get 9 or more hours of sleep my skin glows in the morning! Sleep also helps us get stronger – it powers our workouts the next day, allowing you to run better, swim better and lift more weight. Our immune system is also compromised if we get very little sleep – getting lots of sleep increases our immune response, preventing us from catching that nasty cold or flu.

Most people require 8 or more hours of sleep per day. If you find you have a hard time falling asleep, make sure you dim the lights, turn off your computer or TV, and let your eyes get used to the dim/dark light in your house at least ONE HOUR before falling asleep. This will help prepare your body for a restful snooze. In addition, melatonin is released around 9pm-10pm, so ensuring that our eyes are not subject to very bright light during this time is important to get our bodies back into the natural circadian rhythm.

6. Fresh Air

Fresh air does a body good! The air that we breathe indoors is not as fresh as our bodies need it to be. The amount of dust we breathe from being indoors gets stuck in our lungs and quite literally clogs us up. Fresh air cleans our lungs and lets us breathe more efficiently and deeper which brings more oxygen to our cells. When our cells receive more oxygen our energy levels increase and we can think more clearly (more oxygen to the brain = faster neuronal firing).

Exercising outdoors also offers increased aerobic benefits. Air that people breathe in gyms is full of dust and clogs up the lungs. When we exercise outdoors we help improve our breathing technique and thus our stamina increases. Our muscles are also nourished with higher oxygen levels when we exercise outdoors, and this helps reduce the lactic acid build-up in muscles which normally makes us feel sore.

So get outdoors and enjoy nature! The benefits you will receive are endless!

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