These skin symptoms are the background of AIDS. Take them seriously

Since AIDS is on the rise in the country, we tried to introduce the most important symptoms, which are 4 characteristics of the skin. If you see these 4 diseases in your skin, do not be negligent, because these symptoms are the background of AIDS, but in all these symptoms It does not cause this disease and you should not take it lightly

In this article, Dr. Seyed Nasser Emadi, a dermatologist and faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, has talked about 4 skin problems that people with AIDS should be tested for.

How do skin diseases manifest in people with AIDS?
Skin manifestations in these people in our country are mostly seen in the genital area and usually in men. The most common clinical lesion in these people is genital warts. The best treatment for genital warts is cryotherapy or freezing, but if this treatment is not effective, the patient should be checked for a defective immune system. Because one of the causes of immune system deficiency is getting HIV and AIDS.

That is, genital warts have a special feature in people who are infected with the AIDS virus?
Yes, the rapid spread of warts in the genital area and other parts of the body, the formation of very large lesions and inadequate response to treatment are the most important features of genital warts in people with AIDS. In this case, the doctor must request the necessary tests.

Is the treatment of genital warts for people with AIDS different from others?
If a patient becomes infected with the AIDS virus at the same time as they develop genital warts, they should start taking anti-AIDS drugs immediately. These drugs strengthen the immune system and as a result, the wart disease caused by a virus will be easily suppressed and eliminated, so there will be no need for freezing or cryotherapy because the warts will disappear on their own. Another benefit of taking anti-AIDS drugs is that they prevent the spread of the wart virus in the family or community. If a sick person touches his warts, for example, while bathing and then his hand comes in contact with toilet valves or other parts, he can easily infect people who touch these devices and cause disease in them.

What are the risks if a person is infected with the AIDS virus and also has genital warts but does not seek treatment?
The virus weakens a person every day and shortens his life. At the same time, the number of viruses in the patient’s body will increase and will be transmitted in the community and to other people.

The second skin manifestation?
The second skin manifestation is called “molluscum”. Molluscum is a small, white granule that has a depression in the center and is sometimes seen on the skin of children. The cause of this disease is a virus and it causes disease in the skin of children because their immune system is not yet developed, so it is not very important to see this skin manifestation in children. But adults should not have such a problem unless they have a weakened immune system. If a person sees these pimples on the genital area or other parts of the body, especially if they are more than one centimeter in size and are resistant to treatment, they should be tested for AIDS.

Third and fourth skin manifestations?
Yes, the third skin manifestation is refractory fungal infections that are generalized to the skin surface, especially in the genital area. Some patients with refractory fungal infections say that I used medicine and got better, but a week later I got it again and I have done this several times, but I did not get any results! In this case, the patient must be tested for AIDS. The fourth skin manifestation is genital herpes, which is more common in people living with HIV-positive people. It may even be the first skin manifestation in a patient with genital herpes AIDS.

Unfortunately, many people become frightened when they hear the name AIDS and refuse to be tested. What advice do you have for such people?
I tell them that escaping from reality does not solve the problem. Not all people who get tested have AIDS. If a person is diagnosed with the AIDS virus, he or she will be treated quickly to control the disease. According to Africans, getting the AIDS virus is the beginning of a new life, not the beginning of a great misfortune. In this new life, one only has to follow points such as taking medication, proper nutrition, controlled sexual behavior, and تا to live a healthier and more natural life.


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