Thick techniques for showing eyelashes

What methods should we use to strengthen the eyelashes? What strategies help us in this field? Some people with low back eyelashes can use interesting trends to show their eyelashes voluminous. In the following, we will teach you these techniques. .

Long and thick eyelashes play an important role in the beauty of women. With simple cosmetic tricks, you can make your eyelashes look much larger than they really are.

Long eyelashes have long been considered by women, so in the past, kohl was used to strengthen the eyelashes. If you have genetically thin eyelashes and you want them to be thicker and more beautiful than ever at the weekend party, you can reach your goal with cosmetic tricks.

A good mascara has a great effect on the beauty and radiance of the eyes, and certainly choosing a good mascara and learning the correct way to use it, can increase this beauty. The mascara brush you want to use is important. Its hair type lifts even very small hairs. Its plastic type gives a natural and clean look to your lashes. Its fibrous hair type gives a special thickness to the lashes. If you want to have a beautiful and different look, you should change the type of your mascara brush. To make your eyelashes look more beautiful and thicker, follow these tips: Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.

Of course, when the lashes are curled with mascara, their beauty is doubled, but when curling, there are a few special points to consider. First of all, you should use the lashes before the mascara, there should be no special substance on the lashes when using the lashes, otherwise there is a possibility of damaging and breaking the lashes. The second point is that the lash line should be wide enough that all the lashes are curled evenly and the plastic pad is completely in place. To do this, curl the lashes three times. Hold close to the roots, in the middle of the lashes and close to the roots, each time for five seconds. Of course, women with curly hair do not need to do this. Choose a suitable mascara

Mascaras that are really black are suitable for everyone. It is important that the color of the mascara is really black, to detect this, brush some of it on a tissue or white paper. If you feel that it is more gray than black, stop buying it, but if you have light or red hair, you can also use brown mascara because brown mascara gives your face a more natural look. We suggest that you change your mascara every 3 months. People with short eyelashes should choose a mascara that has a dark color and is an eyelash lift, and unlike those with long eyelashes, they do not need to use lifting mascaras and should choose a mascara that is volumizing. Learn to apply mascara correctly.

Before applying the brush to your lashes, remove the excess amount of mascara on the brush. Apply a layer of mascara on the upper lashes, especially the inner corners of the eyes, and let it dry for 30 seconds. Be careful not to fill too much lashes with mascara. Then, while the mascara is still wet, apply a handful of black mascara that thickens the lashes to all the lashes, but pay more attention to the roots. Try to darken the main lash line very carefully and delicately. Before the mascara is completely dry, remove the excess from the lashes. Apply the lower part of the lashes with a special lifting mascara holding the mascara shoulder horizontally and erase the excess mascara again, and finally with a thin pencil between the roots of the lashes. Draw as a dot. These spots should be perfectly clean to show their condition on the lashes.

Tips on mascara

  • When you want to mascara the upper eyelid lashes, you should hold the brush on top of the lashes, because when you apply mascara on the lashes from above, the weight of the lashes falls down and they get better.
  • If you do not want the lashes to stick together because of too much mascara, wait for it to dry after each round of mascara and then start the second round again, usually one to two mascara rounds are enough, but if you want a fuller mascara, Round 2 to 3.
  • Never use someone else’s mascara and do not lend your mascara to anyone. Mascara is a good environment for the growth of bacteria that can cause eye infections. Your friend’s eyes may even have bacteria that are not harmful to him but cause problems for your eyes.
  • For more effect, try using mascara on wet lashes.

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