This Herbal Juice Is The Best To Rapidly Enhance Alkalinity and Improve Energy Levels

One of the best recipes to rapidly enhance alkalinity and improve energy levels is this herbal juice recipe. Herbs (and other green vegetables) contain the compound called chlorophyll which contain alkaline forming elements that buffer acidity in the body. They increase the rate of acid residue elimination which enhances overall cell function and permeability.

When the body is in an alkaline state, the cells can utilize oxygen at a higher level, which means improved energy levels and more stable moods. If you want your cells to function optimally, then the cytoplasm of your cells must be in an alkaline state – what is the best way to achieve this? Juicing and eating lots of green leafy vegetables and fruit!

This herbal juice recipe contains a perfect blend of ingredients that provide the body with alkaline-forming minerals and cell salts, as well as coconut water to help balance every cell in the body. It makes 1 serving, or two, depending on how hungry you are.

Herbal Juice Recipe


– 6-7 stalks celery
– 1 cucumber
– 1 bunch cilantro
– 3 cups packed spinach
– 2 cups young thai coconut water


Run all of the ingredients through the juicer, except for the coconut water. Add coconut water last, mix and serve.

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