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This Is How Massage Therapy Changed My Life

It was during my college years when I felt like I was at a cross-roads. I was studying full-time, working part-time, and suffered with the kind of migraines that would put me out of action for a whole day at a time. Not to mention I was trying to balance all the other things a typical 20-something year old woman has to deal with.

I knew I needed something else in my life, something was missing. It’s hard to explain exactly how I felt, but with one short visit to a massage therapist my life changed from that day on.

It was actually a gift from my mother. My mom knew I was stressed out and had also heard that massages can help with migraines. She presented me with a gift card for a massage at a local spa as a treat.

Fast-forward and I now have at least one massage a month. I’ve qualified as a massage therapist, and I preach the good word about the positive effects massage has had on my life, and how it can help other people.

How Massage Therapy Changed My Life

Here are the top 5 ways massage therapy changed my life, and how it can change yours.

Massage Has All but Cured My Migraines

I do still have the occasional migraines, I think for those who suffer with migraines it’s almost certainly going to be a part of their lives. But I can honestly say that my migraines have reduced to as little as once a month. Considering I would have one at least once a week before having relaxing massages, that’s a great result.

Another huge positive is that I no longer use any prescription medicines. These means no more side-effects or chemicals, just a natural and relaxing solution.

Massage Helped Me De-Stress

Massage is well-known to help reduce the effects of stress. I would recommend anyone feeling stressed makes the trip to their nearest spa and book a relaxing session.

Stress doesn’t just go away and it needs to be managed. I wasn’t managing mine too well and it was causing me to lose sleep, worry about things out of my control, and even caused a skin condition to break out. All of this is now a distant memory!

Massage Introduced Me to a New, Healthier Way of Living

Massage really opened up my eyes to a whole new world of alternative medicines and treatments. I started looking at some of the other techniques that are used, the oils, and deeper, more meaningful reasons for all of the mentioned.

I now practice being mindful and I put aside just 10 minutes a day to meditate. I’ve become a much more well-rounded person, my health has improved, and I have a much more positive outlook. There is a lifestyle attached to making time for massage therapy, and it’s a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Massage Has Helped Me Focus More

Massage therapy doesn’t just have health benefits, there are a lot of mental benefits too. Being able to focus better means you can be a more productive you. It sharpens you mind, helps your memory, and gives you that ‘pep’ in your step you see with some people.

When I was stressed and running around without real direction I’d end up forgetting lots of little things. If you find yourself forgetting little things, lacking focus, or feel confused, a massage will really, really help.

Massage Has Improved My Confidence

This is something I really thought was worth mentioning. Confidence comes hand-in-hand with a lot of the other benefits I’ve mentioned above, and really is a strong underlying factor for how much my overall health has improved.

We should all be confident about ourselves. With greater confidence comes greater opportunities. Not only will your friends and family notice a new you, but new people you come across will get a great first impression of you.

Having made such a positive impact on my life I can’t speak highly enough of what massage therapy can do. Don’t just take my word for it however, book yourself a therapy session and see for yourself!

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