This is how to avoid the flu!

If you do not want to get the flu, we recommend that you read these carefully because they are the most important and main ways to deal with the flu and will prevent you from getting a seasonal illness.

It is important to follow three tips to prevent the flu and acute respiratory diseases, and all people should fully inform those around them while following these tips.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Blursaz, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, emphasized the three key steps in preventing influenza and other respiratory diseases and said: “Avoid any rubbing, shaking hands or hugging people with flu symptoms and acute respiratory diseases.”

He stressed the children: When coughing and sneezing, cover the mouth and nose with a handkerchief or even the upper part of the sleeves, and in addition to the infected person, those around them should frequently and correctly wash their hands with water to prevent infection. Wash with soap.

The infectious disease specialist added in the end: while observing these points, people should also fully inform those around them.


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