This is how you deal with your husband’s sexual dysfunction

Women whose husbands suffer from premature ejaculation suffer from more sexual and marital problems. Lack of arousal and vaginal dryness and lack of orgasm are common problems for these women.

It is not surprising that the wives of men who suffer from sexual dysfunction report less satisfaction with their marital relationship. Usually, the longer the problem lasts, the more the spouses’ relationships are affected. Studies show that.

Studies show that women whose husbands have premature ejaculation are the first to refrain from stating or reminding them in everyday conversations because they are afraid of hurting their husbands’ feelings or causing him to experience more feelings of helplessness. And not telling the subject and not saying what bothers the woman often affects her daily relationship with her husband in the long run and causes him to distance himself from her husband.

But sometimes a woman involuntarily shows reactions that are interpreted by the man as confirmation of his inability to have sex and therefore refuses to engage in sex and propose marriage. For example, when his wife talks about masculinity and masculinity issues, she shrugs and looks at him questioningly.

Over time, the woman develops negative feelings about her husband and can no longer hide her anger and frustration from him, who avoids marital relations altogether, and shows reactions, for example, in daily conversations with It recalls the irony of the subject, or during disputes that seem to have nothing to do with the marital issue, it recalls the issue of the man’s inability or disinterest in the marital relationship.

These reminders cause the man to avoid marital situations more and feel more helpless, and it has a very negative effect on two-person relationships and can cause communication problems.

Research shows that women whose husbands have erectile dysfunction often blame themselves because they think they are not attractive enough for their husbands or that they are not doing well in their marriage. While the wives of men who suffer from premature ejaculation blame their husbands for this.

Over time, the reminder of the subject causes anger and rage, and he refuses from any activity that leads to a negative experience of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, or seeks treatment to get rid of only his wife’s blame. The counseling phase is very effective along with medication.

Is this problem treatable?

Be patient and hopeful, this condition is completely curable. Avoid intimacy for a while and gradually start flirting and get closer to your spouse. Do not worry about losing your marriage and your spouse. If you ask him or her to understand your situation and react more gently, your anxiety will gradually decrease.

Using stopping exercises for premature ejaculation by yourself and your partner can be very helpful in this regard. In erectile dysfunction, the use of drugs such as tadalafil along with psychological counseling will be very effective. If you have this phenomenon, I suggest that you first share this article with your spouse, and then it will be very helpful to consult a skilled counselor in this field for treatment.

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