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This is How Your Body Responds After Eating a Big Mac

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Ever wonder what happens to your body after eating a Big Mac?

I used to love McDonald’s iconic Big Mac. I ate it at least twice a week. I’m so incredibly glad that I dropped McDonald’s for good when I was 16. Their chemical-laden food not only affects the way our body looks, but it affects how we feel too. And this graphic so eloquently explains just that.

Ever wonder what happens to your body after eating a Big Mac?

Image via Fast Food Menu Price

First 10 Minutes

A regular Big Mac contains 540 calories and raises blood sugar levels abnormally high. Your brain’s reward system becomes triggered when you eat junk food, releasing more “feel-good” chemicals like dopamine, which stimulates feelings of pleasure. This also happens when you take drugs like cocaine and heroin.

20 Minutes In

The Big Mac bun is full of addictive sugars like high fructose corn syrup, and is loaded with sodium. These ingredients make us crave more, and so we continue eating, regardless of their harmful effects on our heart. They also promote obesity and diabetes.

After 30 Minutes

Just one Big Mac contains 970 milligrams of sodium. 970!! Do you realize how much sodium that is? This causes severe dehydration in the body, with symptoms that closely mimic those of hunger. Too much sodium wreaks havoc on your kidneys, and raises your blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

40 Minutes Later…

After 40 minutes you’re likely still feeling hungry after that Big Mac. Pretty much devoid of nutrients that don’t shut off the hunger signal, and full of ingredients that make us crave more, the Big Mac is a recipe for over-eating success. The Big Mac makes you lose control over your blood sugar levels, making you crave more fast food. The high fructose corn syrup is quickly absorbed by the GI tract and causes insulin spikes, making you even hungrier.

60 Minutes

It usually takes the body 24 – 72 hours to digest food, however food items like the Big Mac and other hamburgers take more time because they are greasy and cause stagnation in the digestive tract. One Big Mac can take over three days to fully digest! Trans fats take 51 days to digest, and the Big Mac contains 1.5 grams of the stuff. It is also linked to heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Spare your body and get rid of the Big Mac and other fast food items. Transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet and watch your body transform!

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