This multi-food will protect you from air pollution

People in big cities have fallen victim to air pollution and noise. Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz and 3 other big cities in Iran where people are not safe from air pollution and Tehran with its large population, cars, factories And… is at the top of the list of most polluted cities. Now how can we get rid of this pollution?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are important categories of food that must be used when air pollution. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables play a vital role in lung health. Researchers at George London Hospital have found that apples have the greatest effect on the respiratory system among fruits and improve the activity of this organ. Consumption of tangerines, oranges, pomegranates, vegetables such as garlic, onions, broccoli and other cabbages, tomatoes Lettuce is also recommended.


Zinc is one of those nutrients that reduces the absorption of heavy metals in polluted air and thus minimizes the amount of these harmful compounds in the body. Therefore, nutritionists highly recommend eating foods that are high in this nutrient. These foods include a variety of seafood, green peas, lentils and wheat germ.


Magnesium is also very helpful in reducing the absorption of cadmium on days when the air is polluted, and for this reason it is highly recommended to eat a variety of dark green vegetables that are rich in this nutrient. It is better to consume this group of foods fresh and raw.


A study conducted at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom shows that the levels of essential fatty acids in people with lung disease are very low. Researchers in this study have found that regular consumption of oily fish such as salmon and salmon can strengthen and improve Respiratory activity to be effective. Balanced consumption of this group of foods can greatly reduce the risk of lung disease, especially in people who live in an environment with polluted air. Thus, the consumption of oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce shortness of breath and Harmful effects of inflammatory compounds are beneficial.

Milk and dairy

In case of air pollution, in order to reduce the damage to the respiratory system and the inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract caused by this pollution, the consumption of milk and dairy products should be increased for two reasons: The metal elements in the air become polluted. Second, dairy protein can combine in the digestive tract with some of the metallic elements caused by air pollution that enter the body through respiration and help flush them out of the body. Against oxidizing agents.

olive oil

Olive oil repels the harmful effects of air pollution. Airborne particles cause clogged arteries and premature atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is caused by plaque deposition of fatty substances in the inner wall of blood vessels. Olive oil is a rich source of omega-9 and its consumption increases the activation of tissue plasminogen. Tissue plasminogen activator is an enzyme secreted by the cells of the inner wall of the arteries, and its most important function is to break down blood clots created in the arteries. The presence of clots in blood vessels disrupts blood circulation. Olive oil contains two powerful antioxidants, hydroxy and oleuropein, which are effective in diluting the blood and preventing clots. In addition, olive oil releases nitric oxide into the arteries and relaxes the walls of the arteries and improves blood circulation. Daily consumption of this valuable food is recommended.

Foods containing antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that prevent the cell from being damaged. These compounds can be natural or artificial.

The main antioxidants are:

Lutein: This group of antioxidants is found in cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage leaves), fruits, starchy vegetables (corn, peas), eggs and leafy vegetables.

Selenium: A mineral found in plant foods, eggs, poultry, red meat, legumes and fish.

Source: Balance

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