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Curling hair is not easy. If your decision is serious, then you should prepare yourself for a big challenge. Curly hair is very different from before. Curling makes a big difference in your hair. With this change, your hair needs more care and attention. The world of curly hair is as complicated as its appearance, so it’s best not to do anything until you know something about it. Of course, don’t worry, Shabnam Ahdanjad, a hairdresser, has come to your aid in this article.

Read before curling

This time it’s different because you’re going to make unnatural changes to your hair and curl them for a long time. But first of all, you should be sure about the structure and type of your hair by gathering information or consulting a specialist. The doctor will tell you that according to the conditions you are in, your hair is ready and in a position to accept this change or not. Considering the positive opinion of the doctor for this change, it is your turn to look for the right place to curl your hair with open eyes and awareness.

Specialized and approved salons for curling and hair extensions are the best options for you, so avoid going to a non-professional hair salon. In the next step, knowing the skilled hairdressers for this work and knowing the quality of the materials they use is the next priority. For this, it is better to take time and go to the desired place several times to see the portfolio because it is at this stage that it makes sense to implement your decision, otherwise your hair may be seriously damaged.

How to curl hair?

It is better to choose the type of curling iron according to your face before starting work, because the model you have chosen may not suit your face. For this purpose, consult the desired hairdresser and a few of your relatives to choose one of the types of coarse curls, fine curls (from the roots or from the middle of the head) or curling the layers of hair to fundamentally change your hair. The important point here is that there are many lotions and materials in the market for curling, which are used based on the knowledge and taste of the hairdresser.

How is this process done?

First, hairdressers wash the hair with shampoo and remove the water. Then, the wet hair is carefully divided into the desired parts and the strands of hair are wrapped up to 5 cm from the root using a curler and curling paper depending on the type of curl (fine or coarse). After finishing the twisting, the hair is dipped in curling material and after putting a clip on it, it is covered with a hat to get the shape. The material needs 20 minutes for dyed hair and 40 minutes for undyed hair.

At this stage, after the hair reaches the desired state under the permanent curler, while the curler is still attached to the hair, they are rinsed with lukewarm water. In the last step, it is necessary to use a neutralizing solution. For this purpose, pour 75 cc of it in the hair curlers on the whole head and wait for 20 minutes, and after opening the curlers, pour the remaining 50 cc on all the hair and rinse and dry after 10 minutes. Finally, olive or coconut oil is used to soften and condition the hair.

High quality ingredients for curly hair

As you read, you can go from this to that in half a day, but it is better to leave the work to the hands of the professional and your hair to the best quality curling materials on the market. Permanent curling agents make changes on the hair shaft so that the hair maintains its new state for a while.

These materials are different depending on the type of hair (dyed, rough and very straight), but the best type is the acid curling material, which, contrary to its name, does the least harm to the hair. On the other hand, hair that is curled with this type of material takes on a healthier and more natural state. But in general, curling products usually consist of a combination of substances such as ammonium hydroxide, acrylate copolymer, water, color and fragrance, which lead to these chemical changes. The quality and effectiveness of these materials in different names and brands will be proven to you only by researching experienced people. So spend more time on this part of the story.

Curly hair care

In the first step, you should know that it is forbidden to take a bath and comb your hair three days after curling, because it is only in this condition that the curled hair condition is stabilized. After these three days are over, grease your hair with olive oil after every bath so that it looks beautiful and softer. Experience has proven that curly hair is very comfortable for a month, and after a while it looks rough and annoying. If you want to prevent such a problem from happening to your hair, be sure to use conditioner and moisturizing masks in the bathroom.

It is better to comb the hair when it is wet so that it does not fall out and break the hair shaft after it dries. Remember that moisture is the main need of hair after curling, so use masks and natural conditioning oils as much as possible. It is also important to note that you should not dye or bleach your hair a week before and as much as possible after curling.

You need to know before curling

– If you are pregnant, have a disease, and are taking medication, it is better not to curl your hair until the doctor’s approval. Of course, this red line also includes the elderly.

– According to experts, using temporary curls with the help of curling devices and natural and home methods is a much better alternative to changing hair from straight to curly, because in any situation, hair is greatly damaged by this sudden change and may sometimes have to be cut. And you lose your hair.

– If you have recently highlighted your hair, you should think carefully before curling it. Curling after highlighting and even on lightened hair with bleaching will damage the hair several times. In this situation, the curling iron will make your hair frizzy, which will make you uncomfortable with its annoying and ugly appearance.

– If your hair is dry and brittle, curling it will make it worse. It is better to think about permanent curls after treatment and improving the quality of your hair, so that in addition to health, you have doubled its beauty.

– Your thin and delicate hair is the only thing that needs care and attention, so it is better not to curl this hair, you will definitely regret it.

– Using natural conditioners and masks from almond, coconut and olive oils to egg and mayonnaise masks should be included in your regular hair care plan.

– Do not curl your hair if it hasn’t been 10 days since you dyed it. Hair curling materials need strong and ready hair to have an effect on the hair and have a beautiful appearance. So put the teeth on the liver so that the hairs get their resistance.

– It is almost impossible to return curly hair to its original state in the short term, so think a little more to be sure of your decision for this appearance change.

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