Threats of stroke with insomnia

Despite having trouble sleeping at night, you are exposed to a variety of brain problems and your stroke will be one step closer to you. It is better to think about treating your insomnia.

Researchers warn that sleep disorders and insomnia can put people at higher risk for stroke, according to the Daily Mail.

I have to say; According to research, recurrent insomnia and light sleep can cause clogged arteries in up to 27% of people, resulting in stroke.

Studies show that strokes caused by blood clots are effective in 87% of strokes. Clots and clogged arteries in the brain are usually caused by inflammation and increased fat in the tissues.

Experts have observed the brains of elderly people who have died of stroke and have found that they have had frequent insomnia and this has been one of the reasons for their stroke. In addition to insomnia, other factors such as body mass index (dmi), smoking history, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, depression and heart failure are also effective in stroke. The findings are the result of research by researchers at the University of Toronto on the link between sleep and stroke.

Experts therefore advise the elderly and people at risk of stroke to adjust their bedtime and see a specialist if there is a problem.

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