Three important principles about orgasm in women

The question among many men is whether women also excrete fluid during ejaculation? During ejaculation, women secrete a warm, sticky, slightly dark liquid from the bartholin glands (located inside the vagina). Ejaculation is different in women. Some women find it difficult to ejaculate, and some excrete it by stimulating their hands.

The common people thought that this substance was secreted from the waterway, but this is not true at all, and this substance is secreted only from the vagina and has a medical aspect. (For lubrication of the urethra and easy entry of sperm into the uterus).

For this purpose, the following principles should be considered:

The first principle:

First of all, it is very important that you have sex in a calm and stress-free environment. In addition, your communication should be sincere and comfortable. This is important because women have a feeling similar to urination during orgasm, so you can increase your partner’s chances of orgasm by reassuring him that nothing bad is happening and preventing him from becoming anxious about it. Go higher.

The second principle:

Use your fingertip to find the sponge inside the vagina at a fingertip distance. You can also insert your other finger into the vagina and rub this point upwards. Apply a little pressure to it. At this point, she may feel like urinating. This state is exactly the same as orgasm.

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Third principle:

At the same time as stimulating the G-spot (the point mentioned above) from inside the vagina, stimulate the clitoris with your other finger. Ask him to contract his pelvic floor muscles. Caress her belly with your hand.

By practicing this method, you can enjoy your sex a lot and make orgasm more enjoyable for him.

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