Thyroid cancer survivors should be aware of these risks

“As the number of thyroid cancer survivors increases, more people are living with serious health problems as a result of treatment,” says Brenna Blackburn, the leader of the research team from the University of Utah, USA.

In the new study, his team tracked data from more than 3,700 thyroid cancer survivors in Utah who were diagnosed with the disease between 1997 and 2012. The researchers compared the long-term health status of these patients with the health of more than 15,500 people who did not have thyroid cancer.

The findings of this study showed that thyroid cancer survivors before the age of 40 were 5 times more likely to develop swelling around the heart, and more than twice as likely to develop heart valve disease, compared to people in the other group.

Also, people who are diagnosed with thyroid cancer at a young age are more than seven times more likely to develop osteoporosis, and they are also more likely to develop high blood pressure and heart rhythm disorders.

According to researchers, the complications of treating this disease are the causes of long-term health problems. Mehr

Source: Shafa online

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