Thyroid relationship with heart complications

We want to examine the effects of the negative effects of thyroid disorders on blood pressure in this section. Thyroid problems will directly affect the increase of heart diseases. Obesity will also affect the occurrence of blood pressure related disorders. It is better for people with thyroid problems in terms of diseases. Check your heart.

A cardiologist said: Thyroid can increase blood pressure or influence blood cholesterol.

On the sidelines of the 6th Heart and New Technologies Conference and the Heart, Gland and Nerve Joint Conference held this morning at Niro Research Institute, Soraya Shahrzad, specialist in heart electrophysiology fellowship, said: Thyroid and heart diseases have common responses in many cases and glandular function disorders In many cases, thyroid does not have clinical manifestations, but it leaves many cardiac effects, which is recommended by cardiologists and endocrinologists to involve doctors and interact with doctors in prescribing drugs.

He said: Thyroid affects blood pressure, cholesterol and many other substances, and these things show themselves in atherosclerosis, coronary arteries, and heart failure, and in many cases, due to thyroid problems, the heart rhythm also changes, and doctors in Drug prescription should consider the role of glands and heart diseases.

This cardiologist said that doctors should also pay attention to the thyroid condition when dealing with cardiovascular patients, and noted that due to the geography of Iran, thyroid diseases are common in our country, it is necessary for doctors to pay more attention to this disease.

He said: “Thyroid formulas play an important role in heart disorders and people should know that thyroid diseases manifest themselves with age in the form of hypothyroidism, and people should take periodic care with blood pressure screening, thyroid function tests, and periodic examinations for normal thyroid function.” have themselves to avoid the complications of this disease.

This cardiologist emphasized that a person suffering from heart diseases should also be examined in terms of thyroid, and stated: Thyroid can increase blood pressure or affect blood cholesterol.

Shahrazad stated: Sometimes it is heard that the prevalence of cardiac arrhythmia is high in society, but we must say that cardiac arrhythmia is age-related, and since we are witnessing the prevalence of old age in the country, news of cardiac arrhythmia and its prevalence are heard.

He said: According to the motto of the World Health Organization, blood pressure is a disease and a silent killer, and many cardiovascular diseases and glandular diseases are related to blood pressure, sleep disorders that lead to obesity, and inactivity, which are the factors that cause cardiac arrhythmia in the society. It is possible and we should try to reduce these diseases and strengthen the health of the society by modifying the lifestyle.

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