Time to lose an erection during sex


One of the problems that occurs in sexual relations and is very common is erection loss, which is mostly male sexual problems, the main cause of which is estrus, anxiety and mental problems, which have two main causes that we read together and try to solve these problems. We are coming

– Inability to prove your masculinity

Inability to satisfy a sexual partner

These reasons cause the man to experience an immediate emotional breakdown and enter a state of anxiety and worry that only makes the situation worse.

It should be noted that in most cases – especially among young people – erectile dysfunction is associated with psychological factors, such as “functional anxiety”, which causes erectile dysfunction before male sex enters a partner’s vagina or while pulling a zinc condom. Penis occurs.

In such cases, you should not be afraid or anxious at all. Try to relax and do not think of sex as an extraordinary act that is going to give you a grade at the end. Just think about satisfying your excitement in a completely natural environment without worry.

Even if you are young and have a physical problem, you still have to deal with it. Try to consult a specialist to offer the right treatment for your condition.

In adulthood, the cause of erectile dysfunction is usually hormonal or vascular in nature. After the age of 50, there is a problem with low testosterone, which can lead to erectile dysfunction or, in acute cases, impotence.

When it comes to losing an erection due to vascular problems, it makes it easier to understand the mechanism: blood flow to the ectopic is reduced, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are Erecto, Viagra, Cialis, and Leviytra, which help increase blood flow to the penis.

You should know that even in old age, the cause of erectile dysfunction may be psychological. This may be due to, for example, workplace stress or relationship problems.

In such cases, the most important thing is not to be afraid and find the best solution to your problem, try to understand that many people have your problem and there are effective treatments for it.

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