Times when women’s libido decreases

Having sex is one of the necessary tasks in every married life, and this work both helps the closeness of the husband and wife and also includes the continuity of the married life. Therefore, both the husband and wife should increase the desire to have a relationship. try to have sex, but sometimes there are natural cases in which sex cannot be expected.

Low libido is not necessarily something to worry about. There is no such thing as a natural stage of sexual desire. How much and how long you need sex varies from woman to woman. Here we want to point out the times when your libido may be low, while it is completely normal.

Your period is near (or has just started)

A woman’s menstrual cycle greatly affects her libido. While most women experience a big change in their sex drive right before ovulation, you’ll feel uncomfortable around the time of your period.

you are pregnant

Nausea and fatigue generally cannot make a woman feel the need for sex, and that is why sex drive is very low in the first trimester of pregnancy. But in the second trimester, when the hormonal situation changes, many women want sex.

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You are experiencing “a change”.

Some women have a consistently high libido during perimenopause. But this level of arousal does not last long, as the level of estrogen and testosterone decreases, sexual desire also decreases. Add to this the rise in body temperature, poor sleep and night sweats.

You have a baby or need to breastfeed

The postpartum period is a biological event. After a woman gives birth to a baby, her sex hormones change and she produces less estrogen, which makes her less inclined to have sex and instead focus on her baby. If you breastfeed your baby, your body also produces prolactin, a hormone that helps produce milk, which later reduces or stops sex drive.

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