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Tips For Eating Healthy While in College

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College students are often pressed for time. They’re under stress, and eat whatever they can grab, quickly, and on the go.

Eating unhealthy on a regular basis not only means that you’re more at risk of putting on weight and negatively affecting your health, but unhealthy food can also affect your mental health and cause you to feel lethargic and less motivated.

Healthy eating is a no-brainer for students – not just because you’ll look better, but because you’ll feel and perform better, too.

Here are some top tips to help any student put together a simple and effortless healthy eating plan.

Have a Meal Plan

When you’re studying for an advanced degree such as an online RN to BSN degree or other online program, you may often find that you’re grabbing whatever food you can get your hands on whenever you have some free time to eat.

Instead, creating a meal plan and cooking or preparing as much food as you can in advance can not only help you to have a healthier diet as a student, but it can also be cheaper on your pocket. For example, taking a packed lunch to class rather than buying a sandwich from the campus canteen is going to definitely create some savings which will add up in the long run.

Make Smart Choices

A large part of student life is about having fun, and indeed it’s important to offset the amount of hard work that you put into your degree by making sure that you also take the time to have a break and unwind every so often. Going out to eat with friends is a great way to do this, but if you like to socialize often and food is always in the picture, it can be easy to slip into unhealthy habits. The fact is that there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, but it’s important to make smarter choices – for example, choosing salad rather than fries, or opting for the ‘lighter’ menu in a restaurant.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

What would college be without the parties? If you’re at college, chances are you’ll find yourself drinking alcohol more than ever before. But, even though drinking may be fun and enjoyable, it’s vital to make sure that you do so in moderation for the sake of your own health. The type of drinks that you choose to drink are also important, too – beers and ciders are renowned for contributing to weight gain, whereas drinks such as red wine or spirits such as vodka tend to be much healthier choices when it comes to controlling your weight.

For many students, staying healthy when it comes to their diet can be a bit of a challenge due to being pressed for time. But, there are many simple and easy changes that you can make to improve your diet whilst you’re at college.


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