Tips on expressing true interest in your spouse

As we mentioned in the previous article, the most important foundations of a successful marital relationship is to have a strong emotional relationship. To strengthen an emotional relationship, both men and women have an important role. In this article, we will discuss ways to express feelings to your spouse without having sex.

Ways to express interest in a spouse:

• Tell him you love him.
• Hugging or hugging.
• Making sure that you respect and value him enough.
• Kissing when others are looking at you.
• Kissing when people aren’t looking.
• Tell him you value him.
• Hold each other’s hands.
• Go on a long bike ride.
• Making a special gift.
• Be there whenever he needs a good friend.
• Spending time together.
• Going to the cinema
• Walking in the forest, shoulder to shoulder.
• Record a tape full of romantic songs.
• Talking about your feelings.
• Share your dreams with each other.
• Hug each other wholeheartedly.
• Sit together on a park bench.
• Take a walk together.
• Go out to eat.
• Go on a picnic.
• Define each other.
• Relax in the jacuzzi together.
• Go to the pool.
• Go home shopping together.
• Just be close.
• Make food together.
• Touch each other with love.
• Do your homework together.
• Plan a fun trip.
• Go to a party together.
• Bake a cake.
• Go to the library.
• Walk around the museum.
• Just be there for him.
• See what interests the other person – and do it.
• Exercise together.
• Stare at each other.
• Wash each other’s cars (or bikes!).
• Go fishing together.
• Talk to each other.
• Listen to each other’s concerns.
• Grab each other’s toe nails.
• Choose his favorite song.
• Listen to the joys of each other.
• Keep each other close.
• Talk to his eyes.
• Write a letter to each other.
• Make a phone call.
• Trust each other.
• Give her a ring, gift.

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