Tips on sex education in adolescents (2)

In the previous article, we talked about the reasons why adolescents need to be aware of sexual issues, as well as the role of parents in informing their children about this issue. We also looked at this issue from a scientific point of view. In this article, we will discuss the recommendations of the religion of Islam regarding the education of adolescents in sexual matters.

1- Improving family relationships: The family is the most important refuge for young people.

2- Avoiding unwarranted blame: Unwarranted blame ignites the fire of stubbornness and hostility of adolescents. Imam Ali (pbuh) says: (The extremists are less accustomed to Yashib Niran al-Laja.) That is, excessive rebuke, blaming his child every hour and hour, ignites the fire of stubbornness and rebellion in them.

3- Creating a suitable role model for young people: (Children’s behavior is protected by the correct behavior of parents). When parents do not behave properly, young people can not be expected to behave properly.

4- Choosing the right friends: People are subject to their friend’s opinion, so be careful with whom they make friends.

5- Social reform and creating a favorable educational environment: A corrupt society causes the destruction of the youth. Social law reform is one of the ways to prevent youth deviations. Young people sometimes do not want to follow the usual rituals and customs and should not be forced to follow cumbersome customs.

6- Encouraging young people to be productive from their youth: Young people should be encouraged to take full advantage of this period and be reminded that great scientists consider their greatest success to be the proper use of their youth.

7- Filling leisure time: Since one of the main causes of youth deviation is unemployment, it is necessary to fill leisure time properly, such as participating in various sports (swimming, martial arts, shooting, etc.).

8- Training for self-esteem and self-control: In adolescence, sensual forces are ultimately their power, if young people obey their lusts, they will destroy themselves.

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