Tips on sex education in teens

Adolescence is very important for every person. At this age, due to hormonal changes, many changes occur physically and mentally for adolescents. Changes that greatly increase their curiosity about things like sex. This curiosity sometimes causes sexual perversion in the child due to lack of awareness.

Adolescence is one of the most critical periods, adolescence is the time of great attachments and thinking about them. The powerful effects of sexual feelings take the place of many mental images and concepts. The effects of sexual attachment are clearly reflected in their behavior. They become angry and callous, and these changes may be due to sexual dissatisfaction and lack of necessary measures such as: exercise, work, circulation, or oversaturation. It is certain that the nature of adolescents changes during puberty, they are more They become angry and rebellious, and these changes are evident in the appearance of sexual desire, whether satisfied or not, in some of them.

American pediatricians offer a general classification that is useful for continuing our discussion of adolescence, such as between the ages of 10 or 11 to 14 in girls and 12 to 15 in boys (early adolescence) and Two years later is called “mid-adolescence” and the continuation of these ages until the onset of adulthood is called “late adolescence”.

The onset of puberty, which begins in early adolescence, is a time of great change. During this period, not only important physical changes occur in the adolescent, but also significant social and psychological changes occur in him.

The three turning points of anyone’s life can be called birth, maturity and death.
In view of the vital importance of this period in the adolescent’s life, especially in terms of educational aspects, it is necessary to explain some of the specific knowledge and facts of this period so that the adolescent realizes his vital position and the duties, duties and responsibilities of Sharia, social and moral From now on, it will belong to him, he will become aware, and both parents and educators will reach the spiritual understanding of their teenager in this way.

Most parents are aware of the turmoil of puberty and remember puberty with conflicting emotions, such as the best time or worst time, the age of ignorance or the age of ignorance, the spring of hope or the winter of despair, all of which indicate the ups and downs of a teenager. He is sometimes juicy, happy, lively and sometimes withered, sad and silent.

Adolescents and young people because….

1- Feeling the ability to have sex

۲- Intensification of sexual motivations

۳- Curiosity about sexual issues

4- Attempts to determine sexual role.

5- Extreme fear of the consequences of sexual activity,

They are sensitive to sex. This hypersensitivity, which is accompanied by the secretion of sex hormones, intensifies the young man’s sexual desires. Satisfaction (homosexuality, homosexuality, playfulness) is manifested. To solve such problems, one must first evaluate. In assessing and recognizing sexual problems, one should first obtain the person’s life history and based on that, the methods of choosing behavior change, cognitive methods such as increasing the person’s insight should be placed at the top of the programs.

The most important concerns of the first period of puberty are:

1- Worry about being normal

2- Concerns about sexual characteristics

3- Concern about size

4- Concerns about weight

5. Concerns about the penis

6. Concerns about secondary sexual characteristics (such as breast growth in girls, beard and mustache growth in boys).

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