Tips on soy and its effect on infertility

Food can have many effects on infertility. Positive effects and negative effects. One of the substances that has a significant effect on infertility is soy. According to research, soy reduces male gametes and also causes infertility in men, so excessive consumption of soy is not recommended at all.

Scientists have not yet found a link between soy consumption and reduced sex cells. However, researchers have found that soy consumption increases the activity of estrogen (a hormone that has a negative effect on male gametes).

According to Dr. Jorge Chavarro, there are many interesting points about estrogen and isoflavones and their negative impact on infertility. But so far no significant points have been made in this regard with humans. So it ‘s too early to worry.

Dr. Chavaro and a number of researchers began their study on 99 men who came to the infertility clinic. They were asked about the amount of soy consumed daily for three months, as well as the foods in which soy was consumed, because each food has a different amount of isoflavones than other foods.

They found that people who ate more soy had about 41 million fewer sex cells than those who did not. According to observations, the amount of normal sperm is between 80 and 120 ml.

The researchers also found that the association between soy and sperm counts was higher in obese men than in others. Obese men produce more estrogen than lean men, and soy increases it. It has also been observed that soy has a greater effect on people who have high and normal sex cells than men who have fewer sex cells.

Soy can be a factor in male reproduction, especially in overweight men, said Dr. Hossein Sadeghinejad, a professor at UMDNJ School of Medicine at the University of New Jersey.

When patients are overweight, their obesity converts male hormones to female hormones. Therefore, it is possible that the combination of this source of estrogen (soy) and estrogen, which is caused by the conversion of androgens to estrogen due to overweight, is effective in these patients.

Dr. Sadeghinejad also added that although the reduction in sperm count is greater among men with high sperm count, this does not cause infertility as long as the sex cells are normal. But it is important to pay attention to this issue if you are obese and consume high soy.

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