Tips on the G spot in women

In this article, we are going to explain the point of J. G is a point in the vagina. Its location is approximately in the depth of the anterior two-thirds (roof) of the vagina. The original name of this point is Grafenberg. This point was first described in 1944 by Dr. Ernst Grafenberg. Many believe that this point plays an important role in orgasm.

The location of point J

Although this part of the female genital organ is called the G-spot, but because it is different in different women and also changes its excitable point, it is better to call it the G-zone.

This area is spongy and starts from under the urethra at the opening of the vagina and extends inside, at the roof of the vagina (12 o’clock point) and can be felt with a finger.

If a woman has this sensitive point, this point is located between 2.5 and 5 cm inside the vagina on the front wall and can be easily touched by inserting two knuckles inside the vagina.

If the woman is stimulated by touching it, it means that its size is bigger than a pea, if it is not stimulated, it is smaller.

G spot is more than a point, it is a special place and the tissue characteristics of this place are different from other points on the internal surface of the vagina, which has a rough and round structure, while the other parts of the vagina are soft and smooth.

Point G is marked with number 4

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