Tips to consider when shaving your face

When boys reach the age of 14 or 15, they have to shave their face, and this is not optional at all, because the hair that grows early on a man’s face is not good-growing hair and must be shaved to achieve a real mustache and beard. Over time, beards and mustaches will replace these hairs and give facial growth.

Facial shaving is one of the things that all men do. In this article, we will teach gentlemen tips for better facial correction.

One of the main points to easily shave your face is to keep your beard and under skin completely moist. Facial hair retains moisture up to 30% of its volume. This reduces the strength of the hair and separates it more easily from the skin. Men generally postpone going to the bathroom until after shaving, while taking a shower before shaving makes your work much easier and your skin is not damaged. If taking a shower is too hard for you, soak a towel in warm water and Put on your face for 2 minutes. Professional hairdressers use exactly the same method before shaving their clients’ faces.

Use a shaving cream that contains large amounts of lubricant. The best shaving creams are exactly creamy, not foamy. You may find it easier or more exciting to use the foam, but it will never soften the roots of your hair and skin as much as the cream. The better the cream, the easier it is to trim your beard and the longer your razor will last. Those who are constantly dissatisfied with the rapid slowing down of razor blades generally use a little cream and apply the razor to dry hair. Let the shaving cream stay on your face for at least a minute, then start shaving.

One of the best tools to help you get a great shave is a shaving brush. This brush completely separates your facial hair from the surface of the skin, so you can shave it much easier with a razor. In addition, when you apply the shaving cream on your face with a brush, the cream penetrates completely to the roots of your hair and face and softens the hair. The shaving brush also removes dead cells from your skin, which allows the razor to move more easily on the skin, thus preventing sores and pimples. With a brush, apply the shaving cream in a circular motion on the face.

Always use a good razor. Note that in the process of shaving the face, in addition to shaving the roots, you also remove two layers from the outer surface of your skin. Slow and unsuitable razor scratches your skin and causes sores and pimples. Depending on the thickness of your beard, we recommend that you change the razor after 5 to 10 uses. Before each use, as well as when shaving, place the razor under warm water to remove cream and excess material from the surface.

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