Tips to follow when choosing hair color based on your face

In this section, which has been published in Dr. Salam’s medical journal, with the title of tips to follow when choosing hair color based on your face, some important tips and recommendations for choosing hair color based on your face are presented. Hair color has a significant effect on the beauty and freshness of your face, it can make you look younger or older, many of us do not know what color suits our face, but don’t worry, you can use the advice of great hairdressers and yourself. Color your hair at home.

If you have found a few gray hairs on your hairline and you don’t know what color to choose for your hair, with so many hair colors from different brands, it’s no wonder that you have a daunting task ahead of you to find the best hair color. . A common problem is that many women choose a hair color that does not match their facial skin, and since the skin and hair are close together, choosing a disproportionate hair color makes the face look tired. And to look withered, which is not pleasant at all. You can use our specialized instructions to choose a suitable hair color.

Step 1: Determine your expectations and budget

First, decide how much you want to change the color of your hair and how much time or money you can spend on it.

To make lasting changes:
Use permanent colors, especially when you want to lighten or darken your hair more than two degrees. These formulas are the best method for those who have gray hair with high color resistance. Permanent colors require some work. Because they do not disappear and only move with hair growth. Most likely, you should dye your hair roots every month so that the growth of the roots is not noticeable.

To make a great change:
Look for a temporary formula. These colors fade after each shampooing until they disappear completely after about 28 shampooings. Experts believe that this method is an excellent choice for those who want to minimize the amount of hair damage and simply change their natural hair color. (For example, if orange strands are seen in the middle of your brown hair, it is appropriate to use temporary hair dye)

A recommendation:
This hair formula is used for those who like their hair to be a little darker because this formula does not contain ammonia and does not lighten the hair, but you have to use it every month to maintain the color.

You can also highlight the hair to create dramatic changes. The lighted strands are spread in the hair and have a beautiful effect. Highlight is suitable for those who usually dye their hair once every three months. This will highlight the natural hair color.

Step two: Know your skin color

To find a color that suits your skin, you need to know your skin color first.

Discovery of skin color:

If you want to dye all your hair, put on a white dress and remove all traces of makeup from your face and cover all your hair with a white towel. Stand in front of a mirror with enough light and look carefully. If your face is red or pink, you have a cold face. If it is peach, olive or golden, you have a warm face. It is quite clear that the colors do not stand out perfectly on you and you may be between cold and warm and your face is neutral.

If you just want to highlight:
Just look at your eyes to determine the hair color that makes your eyes stand out. If you see streaks of gold or amber in your eyes, you are among warm colors, or if your eyes are blue, silver or Gray or brown is considered one of the cold colors. Experts say that while the eyes alone can be your guide, the skin of the face always determines the color that is suitable for the background of the hair. (This is a helpful tip for those who have warm eyes and cold skin, or vice versa.)

Step 3: Now is the time to act!

When you’re at the store, choose a hair color that will give you a natural look, keeping in mind that the color you want matches your face.

For cool skin: look for gray colors or neutral shades (numbered from A to N in the color box.) These colors do not have red or gold tones and create a contrast with your skin. Blonde people should look for burgundy or beige colors; People with green skin can choose chocolate brown. If you are dead red, we suggest copper or medium cherry colors. These red-brown colors create a contrast with pink skins. Not that it matches perfectly.

For warm skin:
Adding a gold or red tone to your color will give you a natural and healthy look (letters G or R in the color box). Blondes can use honey, strawberry or copper colors and brunettes can use golden brown, oak or mahogany colors.

For neutral skin (neither cold nor warm):
It is better to be moderate in choosing colors. You can choose a color based on preference. (For example, famous people like Drew Barrymore and Leighton Meester are good examples) Try to choose something that suits you according to your personality.

Finding a good highlight:
If your eye color is warm, find similar colors such as cream, chocolate toffee or copper to make your eyes look more attractive. Green or silver colors give a beautiful effect to cold eyes. Use a color brush to apply color to certain areas (not all parts of the head) so that your hair looks more natural in the sunlight.

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