To welcome death with these eating habits

We know many foods that have a great impact on our health, but there are some of these foods that bring us nothing but disease. It is best to break some of your eating habits to stay healthy.

About 45.4% of deaths are due to heart failure. Stroke and type 2 diabetes depend on whether or not you eat 10 foods, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was based on 318,652 deaths from heart damage.

The proportion of men who lost their lives due to poor diet was higher than women, according to researchers.

High-salt foods account for 9.5 percent of all diet-related deaths. And red meat less than 1% of this number.

The non-use of fruits in the diet is about 7.5%. Researchers recommend consuming at least 2 units of fruit daily.

Vegetables are another part of your diet that requires 2.5 cups a day. Inadequate consumption of vegetables causes 7.6% of deaths associated with poor diet.

Protein and nuts, which are rich sources in the food cycle, should be consumed at a rate of 5.5 ounces per day. 8.5% of diet-related deaths fall into this category.

Oils contain fatty acids and vitamin E. Replacing solid oils with liquids plays an important role in human health. 2.3% is related to the use of solid fats.

Seafood is a rich source of omega-3s. Which are very useful for the heart and brain. Inadequate intake of these foods accounts for 7.8% of heart failure deaths.

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