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Top 10 Most Popular Herbs That Actively Help Us Lose Excess Fat (They’re Probably In Your Kitchen!)

Herbs have been an integral part of our diets for thousands of years. Other than incorporating herbs into different recipes for the unique taste and flavour that they offer, our ancestors also believe that herbs contain medicinal values that are generally beneficial to our bodies.

Many scientists have delved into this area and these theories have been conclusively proven to stem from firm foundations. Other than confirming their medicinal properties, scientific studies have discovered another aspect of herbs that are beneficial to our body. At the ideal dosage and with the right usage, certain herbs can cause a reaction within our internal system to promote effective weight loss.

Listed below are the top 10 most popular herbs that actively help us lose excess fat and attain an ideal target weight. 


The effective weight management properties of ginger have not been widely publicized. It is better known for offering anti-inflammatory benefits for the body, lowering blood sugar, as well as its ability to soothe an upset stomach. It is also an adequate body cleanser as it helps to clear the digestive tract of any logged food items. This prevents the accumulation of excess fat and weight gain. More notably, scientific studies have proven that ginger helps to magnify the thermic effect of food. In layman terms, the higher the thermic effect of food, the more calories are required to digest it. By enhancing the thermic effect of food, ginger indirectly helps the body to burn more calories and prevent excess weight gain. The study also goes on to provide that ginger also promotes the feeling of satiety, which makes the body feel full while eating less at the same time.


To compensate for its reputation of causing bad breath, garlic offers a host of anti-inflammatory and antibiotic benefits. It has also been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. In 2011, the Department of Nutritional Science and Food Management, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea successfully identified garlic as an advocate of weight loss as well. Published in The Journal of Nutrition, the report explains that with all other factors constant, an increase in garlic consumption leads to an overall reduced body weight in test subjects.


Sharing a similar concept to ginger, researchers have identified that cinnamon can help to curb appetite for a longer period through stabilizing the blood sugar level. This is achieved by moving glucose into cells. Not only does this herb help to lose weight fast, it also wards off other health conditions. Cinnamon effectively reduces insulin response by up to 20% while triglyceride levels drop by as much as 30%, consequently lowering the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and stroke.


Known for its thermogenic characteristics, Cardamom helps to boost body temperature and increases metabolism rate. In turn, this improves the bodys ability to burn fat and prevent any unnecessary weight gain. Other than its health benefits, Cardamom is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisines due to its aromatic properties that offer a unique sweet-spicy flavour.


Turmeric is easily identified by its bright yellow colour appearance. Walk into any herbs and spices shop and it will instantly catch the eyes attention. If appearances can be used as a gauge to judge abilities, turmeric certainly lives up to it. Studies have shown that the curcumin element in this herb actively prevents the accumulation of fat tissues which leads to a lower body fat content and hence, ward off excessive weight gain.

Black Pepper

Another landmark research conducted by the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea uncovered that black pepper possesses fat-fighting prowess that disrupts the formation and development of new fat cells. By preventing fat from accumulating, it also triggers a metabolic chain reaction that ensures that fat content stays within the healthy range.

Cayenne Pepper

Along the long and tedious weight loss journey, there comes a time when innovative methods must be tested out to add some variety to the whole experience. Cayenne pepper provides this sort of thrill as its spiciness and heat help to shrink fat tissues, reduce calorie intake, and lower blood fat levels. Other than these amazing properties, cayenne pepper also helps to curb appetite that leads to less intake of food and subsequently achieving weight loss objectives.


The gentle appearance of dandelions is a perfect cover for its powerful weight loss properties. Other than being an ideal centre piece, this herb aids in slowing down the digestion process, allowing the body to feel full or a longer period of time and curbing appetite in the long run. Moreover, its nutritional statistics mean that it is a perfect ingredient for any meals and beverages.


Many health professionals have always held cumin in high regards due to its long history of medicinal use, ability to boost mental capacity and its capability to aid in effective stress management. To add to its extensive list of health benefits, a recent research has shown that incorporating one teaspoon of cumin into daily meals help to burn body fat up to three times the normal rate.


The common perception towards ginseng revolves around it ability to boost energy levels and increase metabolism rate. While a higher metabolism rate general can aid in achieving weight loss, a specific type of ginseng has been known to offer a more effective weight reduction benefit. The Panax ginseng possesses this unique trait due to its ability to improve insulin sensitivity, with visible weight loss results in as little as two weeks.

The use of herbs and spices offers an exclusive method to achieve effective weight loss. The variety of options that can be incorporated into daily meals further enhances its appeal for us to adopt this special approach. More importantly, most of these herbs and spices add an interesting flavor to normal dishes and can improve the overall experience of each meal. This increases the level of satisfaction that we can derive from each dish while we embark on the tedious and disciplined journey of weight loss.


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