Traditional medicine instructions to strengthen sexual power

From the point of view of traditional medicine, what factors are effective in reducing men’s sexual desire and weaken their sexual power? What methods should be taken to solve this problem?

Doing a lot of cupping, eating windbreakers such as cumin and fennel (for men), consuming a lot of pickles and cold and wet foods, consuming a lot of rose water or smelling it a lot, worrying and anxiety, and sitting and sleeping in damp places cause The sexual power of people decreases.

Naser Rezaipour said about useful teas: Shirazi thyme tea or Marzangush tea is especially useful for those suffering from phlegm cough, humid asthma and bronchitis.

Introducing a useful tea for depressed people

According to him, decoction of borage flower with hyacinth root and orange spring is especially useful for depressed people, although people with high blood pressure should use it with caution.

Introducing a useful tea to improve blood concentration

This traditional medicine expert added: Shirazi thyme and jujube tea is especially useful for people suffering from blood concentration and has a great effect in reducing blood concentration. Also, this tea helps to remove excess soda and blood phlegm and strengthens the stomach a lot.

Rezaipour stated: Consuming sweet apples, sweet oranges, sweet or slightly sour pomegranates, as well as vegetable soups with barberry, grated carrots, turnips, etc., when the air is polluted, helps to reduce the effects of air pollution.

He also added about the factors of reducing sexual power: doing a lot of cupping, eating windbreakers such as cumin and fennel (for men), consuming a lot of pickles and cold and dry foods such as tomatoes and cucumbers, yogurt, buttermilk, lettuce salad, etc., sitting And sleeping in damp places reduces the sexual power of people.

This expert of traditional medicine continued: consuming too much rose water or smelling it too much, too much worry and anxiety all decrease sexual power. Self-pleasure is one of the factors of strengthening physical and sexual powers.


December 13, 2014 22:32

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