Transmission of hepatitis C by these dangerous methods

Are you familiar with the ways in which hepatitis C is transmitted and do you know what causes the disease to be transmitted to your body?

The Deputy Minister of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Health said that tattoos and cupping are two important causes of hepatitis C.

Dr. Reza Malekzadeh in the latest seminar on hepatitis C and the development of its treatment protocol in Iran, said: “Currently, about 190,000 people in the country are infected with hepatitis C and need treatment, while we have so far 60 of these people We have identified.

“Our medical facilities are like this now and we can only treat 6,000 people,” he said. “If this situation continues, the disease may continue to spread.” Accordingly, according to the announcement of the World Health Organization and the plan proposed by the Ministry of Health, we plan to eradicate hepatitis C in Iran in the next 15 years.

The Deputy Minister of Health continued: “The way to eradicate this disease is to invite all people who have even had a risk factor for hepatitis C in their lives, and if they see any signs of contracting this disease, treat them.” we do.

Malekzadeh cited injecting drug use, tattoos, accidents, blood transfusions and blood derivatives from hepatitis C patients as the causes of the disease and said: “People who have had this issue should be tested, but fortunately there is an effective treatment for this disease.” We have that by taking a pill for three months, they can cure the disease, and we hope to reduce 90% of hepatitis C in the country with this program.

He emphasized: “Since tattooing and cupping are an important cause of infection, we recommend that they do not do tattoos due to the unsanitary nature of this operation;” Because factors such as tattoos increase the risk of getting hepatitis C.


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