Transmission of the disease from insects to humans

This disease, which is a skin disease, is transmitted to a healthy person through the bite of a parasite-infected mosquito called sandfly.

Asghar Fazaili stated: This disease is caused by a parasite called “Lejmania” and is transmitted to humans through sandfly bites. In fact, if infected, the mosquito transmits the disease to a healthy person, which becomes protruding after a bite on the lesion.

Regarding the symptoms of this disease, he added: There are two types of leishmaniasis, which include urban and rural areas. The first symptoms appear from a few weeks to a few months after the bite, starting with a bump or blister and after a while the wound part of the central part.

“The wound stays for a few months and then heals,” Fazaili said. Of course, if it is in sensitive parts of the body, such as the top of the eyelid or nose, it may remain after healing. Also, because the wound heals, other infections can enter the patient’s body.

“One of the most common methods of diagnosis is laboratory diagnosis, which can be considered the best method, although there are other methods,” said the parasitologist. Also, this disease can be treated medically by injection and there is no topical medicine. It goes without saying that this disease is not a dangerous disease and has no mortality.

Fazaili reminded: leishmaniasis is not native to Zanjan province and has been observed in some parts of provinces such as Khuzestan, Kerman, Isfahan and.. In addition, this disease does not tend to a particular sex and is more common in children.

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