Trauma is the leading cause of death in the population under 45 years of age

Trauma is the result of any external blow to the body that causes injury because the ways of treating the type of injury are very different because it is very important in the transmission of the person. Trauma is one of the most common fatal factors, which ranks 6th in this list. Be with Dr. Salam.

The scientific secretary of the Second National Trauma Congress, noting that trauma is the number one cause of death in the population under the age of 45 in the country, said: “Most cases lead to trauma or preventable accidents.”

Hassan Araghizadeh stated in relation to the subject of trauma: The word “trauma” means any physical or psychological damage to the body that is caused by a harmful factor outside of it. Such as injuries caused by war accidents, natural disasters and work-related accidents or any other factor that leads to physical or psychological damage to the body.

He said that trauma is the first cause of death in the population under 45 years of age in the whole world, including in Iran, and in the whole population it is ranked second to fourth among the causes of mortality, adding: ‌On the other hand, most cases Leads to trauma are preventable and it is enough to have a plan to minimize them and pay attention to it.

The scientific secretary of the Second National Trauma Congress said: “In this way, every year more people survive and fewer people will be injured, disabled or killed and much less money will be wasted.”

Araghizadeh added: “The duty of the Secretariat of the Congress in this regard is to inform, explain the need to pay attention to the issue of trauma and provide scientific solutions to various agencies, which has performed these tasks to a large extent.”

He said: “Mother of the first congress, we paid more attention to the issues of trauma prevention and education of prevention ways, but in the second congress, the central issue is treatment and especially the new treatment of the first lines of dealing with trauma patients.”

The scientific secretary of the Second National Trauma Congress said: “We are planning for a general mobilization of first aid and other first aid training for primary care of trauma patients for the general public and we hope to be able to cooperate with other relevant organizations such as the Ministry of Health, Red Crescent, Radio and TV mobilization, and… Implement this public education program at the same time as the congress or shortly thereafter.

Iraqizadeh added: “Certainly, scientific conferences by explaining the importance of preventing preventable traumas such as traumatic accidents caused by work traumas at home and many similar cases and providing the necessary warnings and training can create the necessary culture and reduce injuries and deaths.” Help.

He added: “On the other hand, by providing and teaching classical and principled methods of dealing with traumatic injuries in the first minutes and training in life-giving and maintenance methods, they can help to rehabilitate patients and prevent further consequences.”

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