Travel tips to know

Traveling is one of the factors that make the human soul happy and makes us much better mentally and psychologically. Before Nowruz, many people travel and Nowruz travel is the name of these trips. And if we travel without information, we will definitely face problems in some cases.

Gholamreza Kordafshari, a specialist in traditional medicine, said about the recommendations of Nowruz travel from the perspective of traditional medicine: If you plan to travel on Nowruz, you must first prepare yourself for anything that will happen during the trip, such as insomnia, hunger, thirst, cold and heat. Get used to it, for example, if the destination is a trip to the tropics (such as the south of the country), get used to the heat some time ago and do not expose yourself to air conditioners and fans. ادامه He continued: It is better to cleanse the body some time before the trip Avoid inappropriate substances, relieve constipation and, if necessary, take appropriate laxatives under the supervision of a traditional medicine doctor, so that you can start your journey with vitality and peace and be safe from getting diseases during the journey. Kurdish: Do not eat immediately before moving and do not get in the car with a full stomach. Avoid eating and drinking as much as possible while moving. Because the movement that the car goes up and down on your body causes the food to move too much in the body and disrupts digestion and causes bloating and wind.

Prevent water from melting

“It is better to use adequate amounts of water,” Kurdafshari said to prevent dehydration during the trip. Of course, it is better to fill a clean bottle with tap water before leaving the house and take it with you on the trip, and after arriving at the destination, to prevent possible damage to the destination water or to melt some of the water that you brought with you. Mix it with the water of the destination city and drink it. Of course, today, with the prevalence of mineral water consumption, the importance of this issue has decreased, but as much as possible, try to use mineral water that is filled with springs around the settlement. If you are not used to drinking mineral water, it may cause the same state of dehydration that you can use the first method to eliminate it. If you do not have access to safe drinking water, boil the water for at least one minute before consuming it. Avoid industrial juices and beverages and use healthy drinking water, or a mixture of water and honey (depending on your mood). Tea and coffee do not replace water. Due to its diuretic properties, tea can reduce dehydration. Therefore, excessive consumption should be avoided.

What is travel food like?

He pointed out that boiled, grilled and grilled foods should be used during the trip instead of fried foods. Avoid preparing them, which contain substances that endanger health. Travel food should be light and easily digestible and made from fresh ingredients. Overeating and overeating during the trip should also be avoided. The food you take with you on the trip must be thoroughly cooked. Food shortages may occur due to the length of the holiday and possibly the rush hour. In such a way that food, especially meat, is not fully cooked, which causes contamination and spoilage. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the cooking time of foods. On the other hand, foods that have a lot of moisture, such as soups and stews, are more prone to spoilage because moisture causes spoilage. For this reason, try to use semi-dry and low-moisture foods such as beans, pilaf and در during the trip. If you want to eat in the restaurant during the trip, it should be noted that you should not eat raw vegetables because of the possibility of contamination. Also bring your own utensils such as spoons, forks and glasses and avoid eating foods such as olive salad, hamburgers, shredded kebabs and onions in unreliable places.

You need to know before traveling

In traditional medicine texts, it is mentioned that in spring, it is better for people to travel to temperate regions and lands and avoid traveling to hot and cold regions, because traveling to these places intensifies the activity of pathogens and causes There are diseases. Before traveling, try to choose cities with a temperate climate to travel. Cities at the foot of which you can benefit from medicinal plants such as portulaca oleracea, chicory and other desert medicinal plants. If you are not familiar with these plants, it is better to get help from the local people. Traditional healers believe that drinking a mixture of plant and vegetable water daily in the spring has a great effect on strengthening the body and preventing diseases in the spring. And you had skin and even a sore throat, do not eat that fruit anymore. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as fruit and vegetables.

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