Treat diseases by putting ice on the neck

Ice has many therapeutic benefits that traditional medicine experts believe that putting ice on the neck improves the mood and increases the body’s energy. In this article from Hi doctor We have miraculously cured diseases by putting ice on the neck. Join us.

Experts in traditional medicine believe that if you want to improve the health of your body, have a better mood and, in a word, increase your body energy, put a piece of ice at this point around your neck.

If you have never used or believed in acupuncture and traditional medicine, we recommend that you do this easy, convenient, cheap and most importantly safe method at home and see the amazing results. .

This magic point is located on the back of the neck. The exact spot between the tendons at the base of the skull and exactly where the hair ends ends is called the Feng Fu point.
How to do the job

All you need is a piece of ice!

Lie on your stomach or place a piece of ice on the Feng Fu spot while sitting and you can tie it with a scarf or bandage.

In the first moments, the ice cold may be unpleasant for you, but after less than 20 seconds, you will feel the influx of body heat to the desired point.

Do this in the morning after waking up or before going to bed at night.

The benefits of ice

This releases endorphins into the bloodstream and makes you feel happy and full of energy.

In addition, stimulating this point will help maintain or restore the body’s physiological balance, rejuvenate, strengthen and increase energy.
Traditional medicine believes that this method has the following benefits:

Improve sleep quality
Improvement Digestive system
Eliminate recurrent colds
Reduce headaches, toothaches and joint pain
Improve breathing
treatment Digestive problems
Management of thyroid disorders
Helping people with asthma
Help relieve arthritis
Management of menstrual disorders
Assist management Stress, Fatigue and depression


Pregnant women, people with schizophrenia, and people with heart palpitations should not use this method.

Source: Medical Journal

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