Treat eczema with these herbal methods

It is estimated that more than 30% of Americans have eczema They are suffering and its prevalence is increasing. Eczema is very common in children and affects up to 20% of infants or young children. Treating eczema is a big challenge, as most illnesses recur with treatment methods, and side effects affect the immune system’s treatment methods and ultimately exacerbate the eczema.

Eczema is a chronic disease, and many medications for this disease actually prolong the itching cycle, increase inflammation, and unbalance the immune system, and eczema will be more difficult to treat if you have sensitive skin.

Eczema is a severe disease and itching is very severe; So that it will damage the protective layer of the skin and the skin will become more sensitive. Sometimes the itching is so severe that you feel like you have to scream. Even scratching can cause skin bleeding.

Some of the symptoms of eczema include itching and burning of the skin, redness, blisters and bumps, swelling, bumps, scaling of the skin. Some types of eczema, such as allergic eczema caused by contact with a stimulant, cause redness, itching, and discharge from the skin during contact.

Dandruff eczema can make the skin yellow, oily and scaly. This type of eczema can occur on any part of the body, especially the face. Eczema usually occurs on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet and is very painful, with deep blisters appearing on the skin that usually itch and burn.

In Nammular eczema, the skin becomes scaly and button-shaped scabs form on the skin. Because eczema comes in many forms and takes many forms, it is important for a very competent dermatologist to examine the patient to determine if the skin problem is an eczema or other medical condition.

Symptoms of eczema

The skin becomes dry, thick, cracked or scaly. It is inflamed and red. It hurts.

White people may develop a red rash first and then a brown rash.

In blacks, the skin may change color and some parts of the skin may be darker or lighter than others.

In infants, skin rashes often appear on the face and scalp, along with sores.

Causes of Eczema

Finding the cause of eczema is a big problem and doctors still do not know the exact cause. Some believe that it is caused by overactive immune system in response to unknown factors and environmental stimuli.

Eczema is most common in families with a history of allergies or asthma.

Some possible causes of eczema:

Exposure to harsh or itchy substances such as wool and hot or cold temperatures in animals Stress Cigarette smoke Foods that cause allergic reactions; Such as wheat, dairy products, nuts, chocolate Chemicals in soap or detergents Perfumes and essential oils Chemicals in skin care products Cosmetics Household chemicals and toxins and…,

Foods that can cause allergies and cause eczema:

These foods include milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, nuts, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, and grapefruits), tomatoes, and berries. If you have chronic eczema, write down all the foods you eat for a few weeks. Examine the rash that develops and monitor any link between diet and the prevalence of eczema in the body. In this way, you will gradually understand what foods cause eczema or its recurrence.

Home treatment

Treating eczema with home remedies, in addition to being simple and inexpensive, usually has fewer side effects.

Some of the methods that have been useful for different people:

Using a cold compress to relieve itching Drink plenty of water (this method is very useful). Bath with oatmeal relieves skin inflammation and is an excellent moisturizer.

– Bath with lukewarm water that has been poured into the loan of one-fourth of a cup of baking soda.

Pure and refined ostrich oil has anti-inflammatory properties and cures eczema. Apply olive oil to your skin and wash it off with an anti-allergy shampoo after a few minutes.

Treat eczema with lifestyle changes

In addition to treating eczema with home remedies, some simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in reducing the symptoms of eczema.

Reducing stress:

Get enough rest, have fun and relax and get rid of negative thoughts. A warm shower is very effective in achieving relaxation.

Use anti-allergic and weak health and beauty products. Always keep your skin moist.

Moisturizers from skin dryness They prevent. Keep the air in the house humid. You can also use humidifiers.

Expose to the sun for 15 to 20 minutes without any cream or sunscreen and make sure that this short time does not cause any damage to your skin. This method is called UV treatment.

Avoid sudden temperature changes; Although it may be a bit difficult despite the changing climate patterns. Wear cotton clothes and try to make your sheets and bedspreads out of cotton or yarn. If you have severe itching, sleep with socks and gloves on.

Avoid exposure to potential allergens, such as plant dust and pollen.

Avoid lotions, harsh soaps and shampoos, and strong chemicals that contain synthetic dyes, essential oils, or stimulants such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

Use herbal and anti-allergy products that are usually free of any irritants.

Treatment of eczema with nutrition

Some people find that changing their diet can cure their eczema; One of these people is Dr. Lim, the first to write the book Eczema and the Secrets of the Diet.

Eliminate eggs, dairy products, chocolate, artificial colors, flavors and processed foods from your life. Eat raw fruits and vegetables and eat a diet rich in juices and fruits.

Eat 60% raw fruits and vegetables and 40% fresh water, fruits and vegetables Do not forget the essential fatty acids found in fish oil, flaxseed, walnuts, sardines and salmon. It is the best type of omega-3 fatty acids that you can take supplements.

Do not forget that excessive zinc supplementation causes a lack of copper in the body. Do not forget probiotics such as acid and phyllos and biphenyls. These beneficial bacteria can help treat eczema in children.

Treatment with medicinal plants

Recent studies show that Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine can cure eczema.

Drinking a mixture of Chinese herbs and bathing with them and using herbal creams cures eczema in most patients. Green and black tea, improves Eczema It becomes.

In addition to drinking, spraying them on the skin will also work, although it is recommended that you use them in moderation, as they contain caffeine.

Lemon juice, rosemary and olive oil are also effective. Tea tree oil is another useful treatment for eczema.

Medical treatment of eczema

In chronic eczema, the above methods not only do not help, but the disease relapses, and the mentioned treatments weaken the immune system and relapse and the cycle of inflammation and increase stress.

Because researchers do not yet know what causes eczema, there is a comprehensive approach to treating it that actually includes dietary changes, reducing stress, and avoiding allergens. These can lead to eczema.

Sometimes the body becomes so stressed that not all natural diet and herbal remedies are effective in treating eczema.

Hydrocortisone creams that are also sold without a prescription. Corticosteroid creams, the use of which will have severe side effects and are sold only with a doctor’s prescription.

Antibiotics that can kill beneficial bacteria in the gut, thereby reducing the function of the immune system.

Antihistamines Phototherapy and ultraviolet light therapy increase the risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

Moisturizers can prevent dry skin and create a protective layer on the skin that protects the skin from harmful chemicals. Eczema is very common in children, and most of them experience eczema by the age of three months, and in some of them eczema will last until adolescence.

One of the most effective ways to treat and control eczema in infants is breastfeeding. Prevent eczema for at least six months by breastfeeding. Fortunately, eczema is not contagious, but families with a history of eczema, allergies, or asthma may also develop eczema.

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