Treat migraines and headaches with black seeds

Rheumatism:Heat a cup of black seed oil. Then before going to sleep, apply it on the pain area and massage well. Then wrap the desired area with a piece of woolen cloth and rest.

diarrhea:Mix one tablespoon of ground black seed with half a cup of watercress extract and eat it in three meals after meals..

Liver disorders:Mix some black seed powder with aloe vera and honey and eat a tablespoon of it every morning fasting for seven days. You can also boil black seed oil with the buds of leaves. Mix willow (small leaves) and eat a tablespoon of it before going to bed for a week..

Headaches and migraines:Mix half a spoon of ground black seed with half a spoon of anise (it has fennel-like seeds) and three crushed cloves, and boil it with a glass of milk (it is better to add a little pure honey). You can drink a cup of this medicinal concoction when a headache or migraine starts. At the same time, lubricate your temples and temples with black seed oil..

Kidney pain and discomfort:Boil a glass of black seeds in a liter of water and sweeten it with honey and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for a week. You can also mix a tablespoon of ground black seed with half a glass of olive oil and put it as a poultice (like an ointment on a piece of clean cloth) on the part of the kidney where you feel pain. Do this once a day for five days. Every day, boil some parsley in a glass of water and add seven drops of black seed oil to it and drink a cup in the morning and at night. Do this for five days.

urinary incontinence:After washing the egg shell, fry it with a little heat and mix it with some black seeds and beat it until it is completely soft. Pour a teaspoon of this mixture in a glass of milk and stir it and drink it morning and night for a week..

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