Treat sagging skin without surgery with HIFU

Tightening the skin and preventing sagging in various parts of the face and neck are among the things that are exposed and people want to look beautiful. In many people, especially in the case of exposure to sunlight and smoking, skin laxity and sagging gradually appear after the age of 40. Existing restorative methods In order to improve these sagging, surgical methods or so-called lifting (skin pulling) were used, which many people are not willing to do because of the recovery after surgery and the need to rest and not work for several days, the possible complications of surgery and anesthesia, and even the cost. They didn’t have it to correct sagging and lax skin.

Based on this, the existence of an effective, safe and non-surgical method for correcting sagging skin and so-called skin lifting was highly desired. Fortunately, less than 10 years ago, the HIFU method was introduced for this purpose. In HIFU, ultrasound waves similar to the transonic waves of ultrasound diagnostic evaluations are used, of course, with the concentration and strengthening of these waves in the process of improving skin aging and sagging. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which literally means ultrasound with focused waves.

What is the effect of HIFU on the skin?
In this method, the radiation of ultrasonic waves penetrates the skin based on frequency and regulatory energy to the deep parts of the skin and on the surface of the muscle fascia tissue and the middle dermis. With the focal focus of these waves at the mentioned levels, a controlled thermal damage is created in the fibers of the connective tissue of the skin, which leads to the stimulation of the healing process and regeneration of the collagen fibers and finally the rejuvenation of the skin.

When does the Haifu effect appear?
Due to the depth of penetration and the effect on the muscle fascia of the skin, the initial improvement usually appears immediately after HIFU due to the contraction and shrinkage of this layer, and within 3-6 months due to the regeneration process of the skin’s collagen fibers, the effect of HIFU is more pronounced and It becomes more complete.

What is the clinical effect of HIFU on the skin? ?
Correctly performing HIFU causes relative and significant raising of eyebrows, firmness of facial skin, raising and lifting of the chin area, improvement of puffiness and improvement of sagging appearance of the skin of the neck area.

– How many HIFU sessions are needed in one treatment period?
Unlike laser methods, one HIFU session is usually enough for several years.
What is the advantage of the HIFU method compared to other face lifting methods? ?

* Haifu is a completely effective, safe and approved method even by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the treatment of sagging skin, but it is completely non-invasive and does not cause the slightest damage to the skin surface. Unlike surgical and laser methods, after HIFU, no evidence of cuts, stitches, bruises, redness, wounds, and inflammation can be seen on the skin, and the person can easily continue their normal daily activities, and there is no need for special rest and recovery. .

* The second point is that doing only one HIFU session causes improvement for one to three years, and unlike laser methods, there is no need to repeat several sessions monthly. Needless to say, because the skin is a living and dynamic tissue, after every rejuvenation procedure, the process of age changes continues, and practically no method has a permanent effect, but the HIFU effect remains for a long time with one treatment session, especially if the principles of skin care are followed.

* From an economic point of view, compared to surgical methods, HIFU is less expensive.

What kind of people is Haifu suitable for? ?
Based on the studies conducted, the effectiveness of HIFU in cases of mild to moderate skin laxity and sagging is remarkably effective, but it may be less effective in cases of very severe skin laxity and sagging. In cases of severe skin sagging, based on the general condition such as age, underlying diseases and the preference of the referring person, a decision should be made about performing a surgical lift or HIFU.

On the other hand, in people who do not want to perform lifting surgeries for any reason such as the presence of underlying diseases or even fear of surgery, HIFU is a suitable choice for improving sagging skin.

What are the side effects of Haifu? ?
Due to the deep penetration of HIFU in the skin, there are usually no superficial side effects such as wounds, redness, inflammation and skin discharge in this method. Usually, during HIFU, there is a warm feeling and to some extent mild pain in the areas where HIFU is performed, which is not severe in most people and is tolerable. Sometimes after HIFU, especially if the energy is not properly adjusted, there are limited areas of transient redness that subside quickly.

In the end, it can be said that HIFU is a new, safe and effective method in the treatment of sagging skin, which, especially in people who do not want lifting surgeries for any reason, if performed correctly, can be quite effective in improving the process of sagging skin. There is no need to repeat monthly sessions and long recovery and rest at home.

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