Treat stomach ache with this home remedy

The stomach is bean-shaped and it is a bulky part of the digestive tube, which operates in the second stage of digestion. The stomach is located in the epigastric and left hypochondriac region, and it is interesting to know that stomach is an Arabic word. Kumig is a middle word in Persian language. is used to refer to this member.

Masoumeh Abbasi, a nutritionist, said: using a hot water bag and rubbing black seed oil on the stomach pain can cure this condition.

Masoumeh Abbasi, nutritionist; Stating that most of the time the problem of stomach pain is not serious, he said: Consuming salty, spicy, fried foods, alcohol and mental illnesses such as stress and anxiety cause pain in the stomach area.

Abbasi mentioned the causes of pain in the stomach and stated: Sometimes diseases such as indigestion, food poisoning, flatulence and stomach ulcers, constipation, appendicitis, kidney stones and gall bladder, office infection and gastric reflux cause pain in the stomach. .

Pointing out that one should find out the cause of pain, he clarified: consumption of teas such as black and green cumin in food, cumin bread, mint and chamomile tea in small amounts, pineapple, yarrow tea, cinnamon tea, tea Coriander and abstinence from caffeinated foods can cure stomach pain.

This nutritionist stated that deep breathing reduces stomach pain and emphasized: 70% of stomach pain is reduced by consuming bananas.

Stating that using a hot water bag and applying black seed oil cures stomach pain, Abbasi pointed out: Of course, in case of severe pain, be sure to consult a gastroenterologist and liver specialist.

He mentioned the consumption of licorice and added: Consuming licorice improves the effectiveness of nausea and vomiting.

He stated that stomach pain with bloody vomiting is dangerous and said: When stomach pain occurs, side effects such as painful urination, pain during pregnancy, shortness of breath, fever, abdominal pain are dangerous and should be treated by a gastroenterologist and liver specialist. See.

Source: Elo Doctor

27 December 2015 11:43

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