Treating colds with vitamin C

With the beginning of autumn and winter, colds are more common in people. The first symptoms that show you a cold is a sore throat. Many of these colds do not need to see a doctor, and after a few days, they go away with food. Vitamins and rest are better. Using vitamin C during a cold is useful for shortening the illness and faster recovery. It also helps to prevent this disease.

Traditional medicine specialist Mohammad Reza Arjamand said: Usually, cold symptoms occur one to three days after contact with the virus. The first noticeable symptom is a feeling of pain or scratch in the throat, and then gradually the pain in the throat decreases, the blockage and runny nose become more obvious.

This traditional medicine specialist stated: Different age groups such as children and the elderly are more sensitive to viruses, and these vulnerable groups should spend the fall and winter in good health by observing the health principles.
He emphasized: Children are particularly susceptible to colds because they have not yet acquired resistance to most of the viruses that cause colds, but an immature immune system is not the only reason for this vulnerability of children. They often do not wash their hands carefully enough. Viruses easily enter their bodies.

Arjmad said: As the age of the child increases, the number of cases decreases. Also, children who are kept in kindergartens are more likely to catch colds.

Regarding what medicines are available for colds, Arjamand said: Zinc supplement makes the body resistant to colds by improving the function of the immune system. Also, by stimulating the activity of antibodies and cells of the immune system such as phagocytes and neutrophils, it is effective in activating the immune system. Also, taking 400 mg of vitamin C with plenty of red water for 4 servings can have a great effect on improving colds.

In the end, he emphasized: In general, it is safe to get vitamin C through its natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. In most people, it is uncomplicated to take supplements containing vitamin C in its permitted doses. The recommended dose of this vitamin is 90 mg per day for men and 75 mg per day for women. However, remember that doses higher than 2,000 milligrams per day of this vitamin are not recommended for adults.

Source: Journalists Club

12 November 1395 15:24

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