Treatment methods for rectal bleeding

Anal bleeding refers to any blood that comes out of the anus, although rectal bleeding is usually called rectal bleeding or the lower part of the large intestine.

The anus forms the end of the large intestine a few centimeters. Anal bleeding appears as blood in the stool, on a toilet paper, or toilet bowl. The color of rectal bleeding varies from light red, dark brown to very dark brown.
Anal bleeding has several causes, including constipation and hemorrhoids.
Causes of rectal bleeding are:
– Anal cancer
Anal fissure (rupture of anal skin)
Angiodysplasia (abnormality of blood vessels near the intestines)
-Colon Cancer
Intestinal polyps
Crohn’s disease
Diverticulosis (small bumps that form on the walls of the intestines)
-food poisoning
Intestinal dislocation (penetration of one part of the intestine into another)
Anemia caused by anemia (inflammation of the large intestine due to decreased blood flow)
Anal inflammation
False colitis (inflammation of the large intestine due to infection)
– Anal prolapse (protrusion of the anus from its normal position)
Single anal ulcer syndrome (ulceration of the anal wall)
Ulcerative colitis
When to see a doctor
Contact the emergency services
Call the emergency room if you have rectal bleeding and any of the following symptoms:
– Fast and shallow breathing
Dizziness or dizziness after standing
– He saw darkness
– Confusion
Cold, moisture and pale skin
Decreased urination
See a doctor immediately
If rectal bleeding has the following characteristics, immediately ask those around you to take you to the emergency room:
Persistent or severe
With severe abdominal pain or contractions
-With anal pain
See a doctor
See your doctor if anal bleeding lasts more than a day or two or less but is bothersome. If you are under 40 and the cause of your rectal bleeding is known, such as hard stools, small anal fissures, or other specific cases, you can treat it with over-the-counter hemorrhoid ointment or hydrocortisone ointment.
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