Treatment of blackheads on the nose, chin and lower back

What do you know about the treatment for blackheads? How to get rid of pimples on the nose, chin and even the back? Blackheads are small bumps on the skin that appear when the pores close. Each pore of the body has a very small hair follicle and a gland that secretes fat, a substance that helps hydrate and soften the skin. In this article from the section Beauty, skin and hairDr. Salam examines blackheads and its treatment methods.

What are blackheads?

When fat and dead skin cells form in the duct of a hair follicle, it can lead to a small bulge called a sebum. If the skin is closed during this time, the resulting pimples are called whiteheads. If the skin opens, air enters it, oxidizing the fat and causing it to turn black, which leads to blackheads.

Although blackheads usually appear on the face, they can also be seen on other parts of the body, such as:

  • Waist
  • Neck
  • سینه
  • Arms
  • shoulders

Although it can be very tempting, never squeeze, crack or scratch the blackhead with your finger. When you burst blackheads, you may release bacteria from under the surface of the skin and may spread to other tissues. This not only causes pimples and other skin problems, but is also possible scar Also create.


How to get rid of blackheads on the nose

Blackhead Cleansing Adhesive

A simple and effective way to clear blackheads is to use porous adhesives. These adhesives match the shape of the nose and are designed to clean the surface layers of dead skin and blackheads. Blackhead cleansing adhesives are especially suitable for when you want to clear a large number of blackheads at once. The result of this method is immediate.

Retinol products

Retinol products are commonly used to treat wrinkles, but their ability to improve cell tissue function makes them suitable for clearing blackheads on the nose. Over-the-counter pharmaceutical products have a strength of between 0.1% and 2%. Retinol products may cause redness and dryness of the skin, so it is best to start with lower doses and gradually increase until a skin reaction is observed. It may take four to five weeks for you to notice changes in blackheads.


How to clear blackheads on the chin

Blackhead Acne Cleansing Adhesives

Blackheads can also be used effectively on the chin. For best results, look for adhesives that are specific to the chin, as they adhere better to your chin than nasal adhesives.

Clay mask

Clay masks are a gentler way to clear blackheads. The way these products work is to absorb fat and dead skin cells, which cleans the pores and reduces the possibility of blackheads. French green clay and bentonite clay are suitable for normal to oily skin, and kaolin clay is suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


How to clear blackheads on the back, chest, arms and shoulders

Suction device for blackheads

A blackhead suction device is a simple and cost-effective way to clear blackheads. This is a narrow, metal device with a screw on one end to apply pressure to the skin around the blackhead. It can be used safely all over the body and is especially suitable for blackheads on the chest, back, arms and shoulders, although you may need help to reach those areas.


How to prevent blackheads

Although there are many treatments for blackheads, the most effective way to prevent them is to prevent pimples from forming right away. By using active skin care, you can prevent pores from closing and make your skin healthier and clearer. Had. Here are some tips to help prevent blackheads:


As you probably know, exfoliation is a way to clear dead skin cells, which can reduce the chance of getting blackheads. Exfoliators are available in many stores, but the best ones contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These acids not only keep skin pores closed, but also fight the signs of aging.

Choose your cosmetics and skin care products carefully

Since cosmetics and skin care products stay on the skin for hours, it is not surprising that they have a great impact on the health of your skin. Always look for products that are labeled “no fat”, which means that the product will not clog your pores.

Water supply

Although many ways to prevent blackheads revolve around the removal of fat from the skin, it is important to maintain a balance in your skin – that is, hydrate. Regular use of a gentle cleanser and hydration as part of your skin care routine will help keep your skin hydrated, which is important if you use scrub and retinol products that cause dry skin.


Common rumors about blackheads

Blackheads are caused by dirt in the pores

One common misconception is that blackheads are caused by dirt getting stuck in the skin. In fact, blackheads are caused by excess fat and dead skin cells. Fat turns black when it interacts with oxygen.

You can get rid of them by scrubbing

Although peeling can reduce the risk of blackheads, skin scrubs are not a good way to clear them. Rough skin scrubs are not very effective and can damage your skin. This may increase fat production, leading to blackheads and pimples Skin problems Be more.

You can shrink your pores

Many beauty products claim that they can constrict or even close your pores, thereby preventing blackheads. Unfortunately, this is impossible. Most beauty products that claim to close your pores use skin peeling and cleansing of dead cells. By doing this you may think that your pores are smaller, but they do not change their structure.

Only teens have blackheads

Acne is very common in adolescents due to its hormonal effects on the sebaceous glands. However, this does not mean that only adolescents get it. The truth is that people of all ages can have blackheads.


Blackheads are caused by the accumulation of fat and dead skin cells in the hair follicles. They are more common on the face, but can be seen in other areas as well.

Prevention of blackheads by peeling, hydrating and using retinol products and choosing the right cosmetics are very effective in preventing blackheads. When cleaning them, pore adhesives can be a very effective method for blackheads on the upper layers of the skin, but for pimples on deeper layers, simple and cost-effective suction tools can be used.

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