Treatment of blemishes with these methods

Skin diseases such as freckles may appear from birth to old age and affect the beauty of people. In this article, Dr. Salam will introduce you to the causes of freckles and the methods of dealing with and improving them.

Acne is a skin disease that can appear at any age from childhood to old age. The younger the disease starts, the worse it is and the harder it is to treat.

Our pulse – Lek and Pis is an autoimmune disease, which means that instead of making an antidote against the pathogens that attack the body, the body makes a mistake and makes an antidote against some factors in the body. For example, if it makes an antidote against skin pigmentation, it causes vitiligo, and if it makes an antidote against body hair, it causes regional hair loss. This can happen to other parts of the body and cause various diseases accordingly.

Causes of spots and pimples

So far, researchers have not discovered the main cause of vitiligo. As mentioned, some theories are based on the fact that disorders of the body’s immune system cause the body’s antibodies to act against pigment cells. Melanocytes are the pigment-producing cells of the skin that are exposed to danger and damage or are destroyed and give way to white spots and patches that are different from the color of the rest of the skin.

Researchers are of the opinion that most cases of spotting and lice have a genetic factor. There is no definite cure for this skin disease, but its symptoms can be reduced and the quality of life of sufferers can be improved.

Nervous stress can make this condition worse, but it has no role in causing it. A hereditary and genetic background is necessary for the development of vitiligo. Of course, the gene of this disease is not dominant, which means that if a father or mother has this disease, not all their children will have it.

In the research conducted on vitiligo patients, they have come to the conclusion that some blood relatives of the person with vitiligo, such as cousins, cousins, etc., may have been affected by this disease in some parts of their body. In other words, this is a gene condition that occurs in some family members.

Spots in children

Usually, severe and aggressive treatment methods are not used in children. In young patients, the best treatment is to use sunscreen and cover spots and patches with dyes.

Topical corticosteroids can also be used with great caution.

“Pova” is usually not used until the age of 12, but in this age period, a type of ultraviolet radiation called ultraviolet B with a narrow spectrum has had acceptable results in the treatment of Pisi.

Is it contagious?

This disease cannot be spread from person to person through skin contact or any other type of contact. These people can get married like everyone else, have children and have no problems. But you should also know that leprosy can cause spouses to divorce. It goes without saying that this is only because the parties may not be able to accept the conditions of the other party in terms of appearance, otherwise there is no problem in terms of physical or contagiousness of the disease.

Herbal treatment of blemishes and spots

Specialists of traditional medicine and professors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences use a new herbal medicine to treat vitiligo (PC or leprosy) and consumption of special foods such as apple and pomegranate fruit, as well as controlling stress and anxiety.

Dr. Leila Shirbeigi, a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in an interview with IRNA’s social reporter, stated that nutritional modification is the first step in the treatment of vitiligo, and said: a completely herbal medicine for the treatment of vitiligo was developed under the supervision of the professors of this university. It is in the research stage and it is presented to the patients after correcting their temperament and digestive condition.

He clarified: This herbal medicine is the first and last line of treatment for vitiligo, so we do not immediately offer this medicine to the patient, but first we prescribe traditional nutritional medicine for the patient within three months, and we expect that during this period, the color The white spots on the skin turn brown and then the medicine is used.

Super treatment of spots and pimples with traditional medicine

To treat vitiligo, the patient must first correct his temperament and follow a set of nutritional instructions. Vitiligo sufferers should avoid eating fish, yogurt and buttermilk during these three months and adjust their meal times, for example, not to eat lunch later than 12 or 13 and eat dinner later than 18 or 19.

One of the ways to get rid of substances and pathogenic substances that are frozen in the body is through the skin, but this exercise should not be limited to a simple walk, but walking to the extent of running for 20 minutes, which causes sweating.

A peaceful sleep is definitely necessary for those suffering from vitiligo disease; These patients get angry and worried when they see white spots, and this problem itself is considered a vicious cycle that causes the disease to worsen.

In order to eliminate anxiety and have a restful sleep, before going to bed (ie at 21 or 22 hours), patients should eat apple faludeh (i.e. grated apple with honey, rose water, and bitter gourd), in this case, after one month, the color of the skin lesions will disappear. Patients get better by themselves without giving them any special medicine.

It is possible that the spread of this disease will increase with the beginning of the cold and dry season of autumn, so patients are advised to eat at least one sweet pomegranate a day because pomegranate strengthens the liver and many skin diseases depend on the weakness of the liver.

Pounded meat and peas provide good blood for people, and having a good blood and iron reserve in the body is one of the pillars of vitiligo treatment in traditional medicine.

Also, people suffering from vitiligo should use the safe spice of saffron in their food and make sure to add saffron to their rice or boil a glass of milk with a tablespoon of honey and saffron during breakfast because saffron has the property of thinning the blood and thin blood and Good color helps the body to restore the color of skin spots.

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