Treatment of brain cancer using sounds

As you know, cancer has become one of the deadliest diseases in human history, so scientists are trying to find different ways to control and treat cancer. In this regard, a new study has shown that a sound wave generator that is implanted in the brain can be used to increase the effectiveness of brain cancer chemotherapy. French researchers have used this device in 15 patients suffering from a very deadly and malignant brain tumor called glioblastoma and have achieved favorable results.

This device, called SonoCloud, opens the way for chemotherapy drugs to enter brain cells by emitting sound waves. The wall of the blood vessels in the brain creates a very strong barrier that does not allow many substances to enter the brain. This is a kind of brain protection system called blood-brain barrier. While this system is actually to prevent toxins from entering the brain, only one percent of the chemotherapy drug given to the patient to control brain cancer passes through this barrier.

In the last 50 years, scientists have conducted many experiments to find a way to cross this barrier. However, they must make sure that these ways do not open the way for dangerous substances such as microbes to enter the brain.

Now, with the new method, with a two-second stimulation of this device, the blood-brain barrier can be opened for six hours and chemotherapy can be started. The results of research on this new method were published in the June 2016 article of Science Translational Medicine.


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