Treatment of diabetes and heart disease with barley bread

How much do you know about the benefits of using barley bread? In what areas is this type of bread useful? What properties of this bread will be useful and effective for which patients? Eat more types of bread, this bread can increase your body’s metabolism, it is better to eat more of it and include it in your diet.

According to a new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, adding a little oats to the diet can have a big impact on reducing the risk of diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels and preventing obesity. Due to the unique combination of dietary fibers that barley has, this ancient grain can help reduce appetite and play an effective role in preventing various diseases. The officials of this study say that the effect of the atmosphere is surprising to them, because it can provide many and important advantages for human health in a short period of time.

In this study, researchers investigated the eating habits of middle-aged people and added oats to their breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for three days. During three days, these people ate bread that was 85% barley, and then they were tested to measure the risk factors of various diseases. The final results revealed that the body metabolism of these people has improved, and in addition to reducing blood sugar and insulin levels, they can better control their appetite.


Researchers say that eating oats increases certain hormones in the gut that regulate metabolism and appetite, and lowers low-grade inflammation. This is why eating oat bread can help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

1 December 2015 22:41

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