Treatment of hypertension and diabetes by consuming vinegar

Vinegar has many benefits, especially if it is apple cider vinegar. You can lose weight by consuming apple cider vinegar and you can also treat diabetes and high blood pressure. In this article from Hi doctor We have prepared information about the benefits of vinegar consumption. We suggest that you do not miss this article and be sure to read it. Join us.

“Vinegar consumption in the treatment of diabetes,” said a nutritionist.CancerHigh blood pressure, infection control and weight loss have many effects and should be included in the family diet.

Shokooh Sarbloki said: “Improper diet and lack of attention of families to it has led to a reduction in the consumption of some essential foods and an increase in the use of low-value foods.” Among these, we can mention the benefits of using vinegar in the food basket. The use of vinegar in food leads to the absorption of calcium from the body, and with its citric acid, it reduces the changes in bone cells caused by menopause and certain hormonal changes, and prevents osteoporosis.

He added: “Vinegar produced from apples, in addition to digesting food and reducing body fat, causes and loses weight and reduces cholesterol, high blood pressure, aging and ear infections and reduces the incidence of these diseases; Therefore, it is recommended that obese people include apple cider vinegar in their diet and prevent many diseases.
The nutritionist pointed out: In cases of inflammatory and fungal symptoms on the skin, vinegar can also be used because it has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and has a great effect in treating and strengthening the skin and hair.

He said: “Diabetes is one of the diseases that has grown due to weakness of the nerves, poor nutrition and hereditary factors in the country, while the consumption of vinegar leads to the prevention and treatment of diabetes in people and lowers blood sugar.”

Apple vinegar

It should be noted the increase in cholesterol and blood pressure They are one of the causes of heart problems, which reduce the risk of developing this disease by consuming vinegar and impair the growth rate of cancer cells.

“Due to the body’s ability to repel infections, in cases of sore throat and burning sensation in the throat, you can use apple cider vinegar with warm water and kill germs in the body,” he said.

In the end, he added: any food should be consumed in enough to prevent its side effects and the therapeutic properties and benefits of consumables are not affected. Therefore, it is recommended to prevent gastric ulcer, loss of lint, excessive pressure drop and Blood sugar, Substances such as vinegar should be used in the desired amount and its consumption should not be excessive.

Source: Mizan News Agency

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