Treatment of oral herpes at home

Herpes is a temporary oral ulcer that is very annoying and painful. We want to get acquainted with its natural treatment strategies in this article. How is this complication transmitted and what methods are found in the oral area? has it.

Herpes is an infection that develops as a sore or blister around the mouth. This complication is due to the presence of a virus called Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Herpes usually goes away in 2-3 weeks.

Treatment of cold sores

Herpes is an unwanted and painful problem that robs the lips of beauty.

Herpes caused by Herpes simplex virus And can spread to other parts of the body or to other people. It can also be very annoying, but herpes can be treated. The infection is primarily a type of facial ulcer that occurs on the lips or skin of the face, near the mouth area, and therefore causes an unpleasant appearance for the infected person.

Herpes It is quite different from the plague that some people confuse with herpes. Pests are not usually contagious and are sores that form on the soft tissues inside the mouth, where they do not get herpes.

Herpes is a reddish bump or purple blisters that usually appear on the lips or around the mouth.

If your symptoms are severe and you have burning and itching of the lips and irritation of the mouth, pain around the mouth, or small blisters on the mouth that burst, use medications such as idoxoridine dye or Acyclovir antiviral drug It can relieve you.

Herpes may remain hidden for a long time, and some people may not show symptoms at the first transmission of the virus.

The disease usually affects the lips and mouth, and rarely areas such as the cornea and genitals. Before a herpes infection develops, the virus stays there for months or years, and your body builds antidotes against the virus that lead to controlling it unless the risk factors increase.

Having a disease that reduces your body’s resistance, even a cold or mild gastrointestinal upset or fever for any reason, menstrual bleeding, and many such cases can be risk factors. The use of immunosuppressive drugs in children and the presence of eczema can fall into this category.

Signs and symptoms of herpes

Small, painful blisters filled with fluid that are located on the prominent, red, painful area of ​​your skin.

Pain or tingling that is often felt a day or two before the blisters appear.

It usually takes 7 to 10 days for the herpes to go away. Herpes usually appears on the lips. But sometimes it can be seen on the nostrils, chin or fingers. Although uncommon, herpes may also occur inside the mouth (but only on the gums or hard palate on the roof).

If a sore appears on the soft tissues inside your mouth, it may be a pest, but it certainly is not herpes.

Symptoms of herpes It may not appear for up to 20 days after exposure to the virus and usually lasts 7 to 10 days. Blisters form, rupture and secrete. Then a yellow cobra forms, and finally, when it is shed, a pink skin appears below, and the herpes heals without leaving a mark.

What causes herpes?

Herpes virus occurs when it comes in contact with vulnerable tissues in the mouth or oral mucosa. When the virus enters the body, it does not leave and goes from the mouth to the central nervous system and stays there.

When reactivated Herpes It occurs around the lips. Some of the most important causes of herpes are:

Stress and anxiety


Sun burn


Sun exposure


Lip tattoo

A lot of inconvenience

Nerve or tooth surgery

How to get herpes?


Marigold is one of the other natural and herbal remedies for Treatment of herpes Especially oral herpes. Washing herpes with the help of marigold extract, in addition to helping to control and eliminate viruses, also accelerates the healing process in the patient.

In addition to its antiviral properties, this ointment also reduces the pain and irritation of herpes. To prepare this extract, it is enough to boil 3 spoons of dried marigold in 2 glasses of water to leave a glass of this extract, then wash the herpes area with the help of cotton and the extract of this plant.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla has antiseptic properties. Dip one foot into warm paraffin 3 times a day, pausing between layers to allow them to dry.

sea ​​salt

Apply a little sea salt on the herpes spot. Remember that salt crystals should stick to herpes. Rinse the salt after 10 minutes.

Basil leaves

Basil tea is the best treatment for herpes. Put some basil leaves in boiling water to make your tea. To Treatment of herpes Drink this hot tea.

Olive leaves

Olive leaf extract like a natural antibiotic in Treatment of herpes it works.

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