Treatment of premature ejaculation with this device

This auxiliary device can be very useful in men’s premature ejaculation. We will examine it further.

This device protects both sexual partners during any vaginal, anal and oral sex. Especially in many cases where people consider their sexual partner to be infected with diseases such as hepatitis C and B or in some cases infected with the AIDS virus, or they do not consider sexual promiscuity of their sexual partner to be unlikely. A clear example is the spouses of drug abusers or sometimes the spouses of prisoners. It is highly recommended to observe all the points of perfect sexual behavior, especially the continuous and uninterrupted use of latex condoms in all sexual relations, especially penetrative ones.

Condoms prevent pregnancy and prevent sperm from entering the vagina. Out of every 100 women who use condoms, about 14 of them get pregnant at the end of a year after using condoms incorrectly and 2 people who use condoms accurately and regularly get pregnant.

Latex condoms can prevent many sexually transmitted diseases. Latex is one of the types of plastic that, due to its standard thickness and impenetrability, prevents the exchange of body fluids during all types of penetrative sexual intercourse. There is a possibility of latex allergy in 7% of male and female consumers. Changing the type of condom can help in such cases.

Using a condom reduces the amount of stimulation of the penis and therefore prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse. Therefore, using a condom is a suitable method to prevent premature ejaculation, and a large part of drug users who suffer from this disorder benefit from using condoms. The delay in premature ejaculation and the prolongation of sexual intercourse caused by the use of condoms increase the sexual pleasure of both parties.

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