Treatment of sciatica with natural remedies

If you go to orthopedic surgeries, you can see that sciatica is quite common among people; Sciatica is one of the most common reasons for patients to go to medical centers, so that after colds and small traumas, it is the most common disease in humans. There is a cure for this disease, which makes the patients stay at home; Both chemical and modern treatments, as well as natural treatments. Here we are going to introduce you to the natural ways to treat sciatica. Stay with us.

Back pain affects more than 90% of people at least once in their lifetime. And more than 50% of people get it more than once. There are many different causes for back pain. About 85% of people who are examined for low back pain have no specific cause.

Back pain after a cold is the second factor that prevents people from attending work and is also one of the common causes of doctor visits. More than 90% of people who suffer from back pain recover within 2 months. According to various statistics, low back pain, among the diseases that cause disability,

Inability to work and the resulting leave is the number one cause for people under the age of 45. Back pain is an excruciating pain that prevents a person from doing their daily chores and forces them to rest in bed. Therefore, in addition to physical problems, it can cause mental and psychological problems and have negative effects on the family economy and society.

Until about 20 years ago, most people who went to physiotherapy and orthopedic clinics for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain were over 55 to 60 years old, and in fact the destruction of articular cartilage began in old age, but today this age is 30 years. Has decreased and physicians are witnessing referrals of patients aged 30 to 50 years with neck pain,

Knees, back and joints are different medical centers. Today, with the development of modern life, the prevalence of back pain has not only not decreased but also increased. And strangely enough, it was even faster than the population. In the United States, back pain is the second leading cause of absenteeism, reducing production by $ 30 million to $ 80 million a year!

About 90% of people experience back pain once in a lifetime, and 50 to 70% of people experience recurrent back pain throughout their lives. Of course, this statistic is higher in industrialized countries. But unfortunately this pain affects even school children,

Statistics show that 60% of children aged 15 to 16 also suffer from it. However, do not despair of preventing and treating this excruciating pain. Back pain is more common in men aged 25 to 55, but in women it starts after the age of 50. Unfortunately, clinical examinations cannot predict low back pain

Because there are many people who have osteoarthritis of the spine or protrusion of the lumbar disc but do not have pain. Low back pain and sciatica cause a lot of pain and discomfort. This problem occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed due to inflammation or injury. Pain affects the back, buttocks, and outside of the foot from the groin to the bottom of the foot.

The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the human body. This method works better with massage, pressure medicine and reflexology. Pressing a tennis ball reduces pain in the groin and leg muscles. The exercise also helps increase blood circulation in the legs, according to Newsweek.

Treatment of low back pain with white willow bark This tree relieves pain. Use a decoction of the bark of this tree. Treatment of back pain and sciatica with ginger tea Add two or three thin slices of ginger with a tablespoon of ginger powder and a tablespoon of natural honey and a little lemon juice to a glass of boiled water.

And let it rest for a while and then eat. Drink this tea three times a day. Treatment of low back pain with hot and cold compresses This method is one of the most common and effective methods of treating sciatica. First, cool the effective part of the compress for 15-20 minutes every day for a week. Then apply a warm compress to the same area for the same amount of time

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