Treatment solutions for itchy scalp

Some people face itchy scalp and are often bothered by itchy scalp. To treat this condition, there are some effective home remedies that we will provide you with below. By changing your shampoo, using natural oils, brushing properly, reducing stress and preventing sunburn, you can get rid of your itchy scalp.

Several factors cause itchy scalp will be For example, it is possible itchy scalpTan is due to dry winter air, dandruff, special skin conditions, accumulation of hair styling products, change of shampoo, softener or hair color, lice or insect bites. Whatever the reason, itchy scalpIt’s an annoying and embarrassing situation, especially when you want to show off your head among the people around you.

Treatment solutions for itchy scalp

Treat itchy scalp with 5 simple ways

On the other hand, if you scratch your head too much, it is possible that your head will hurt or even bleed. However, fortunately, scratching is not always necessary, because for treatment itchy scalpThere are many ways. You just need to know what is the cause of your itchy head.

Change your shampoo or conditioner

You can change your shampoo or conditioner to see if that is the cause of your itchy scalp. If you don’t want to change your shampoo, you can replace it with homemade ones. Mix egg white with olive oil and broccoli puree and apply it to your scalp. Wait a few minutes, then wash your head. This mixture hydrates your scalp, removes impurities and gives your hair a shiny look.

Treatment solutions for itchy scalp

Apply warm oil to your scalp

You can use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil for this purpose. Heat the oil a little and gently apply it to your scalp by combing your hair. Massage your scalp a little and let it stay on your head for a few hours. If itchy scalpTan is due to dry skin, this treatment will definitely be effective.

Brush your hair properly

Brush your hair properly every day using a soft brush. Brushing your hair will increase blood circulation in your scalp and the same thing, some itchy scalpIt reduces your Do not brush your hair when it is wet, as it will cause your hair to fall out easily and your scalp to itch.

Treatment solutions for itchy scalp

Avoid sunburn

Your scalp can also get sunburned, especially if you don’t have a full back of hair to protect your scalp. When you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun, wear a hat or a scarf to prevent your scalp from getting sunburned.

Too much sunlight may also be one of the causes itchy scalp and the only way to prevent it is to cover your head. The good news is that you can find many types of beautiful headgear in the market

Release yourself from stress

Sometimes, too much stress may cause itchy scalp and scratching your head is a way to relieve your stress. But even if you gently shave your head, it is still not good for you.

If your nails are dirty and you scratch your head, all the dirt and bacteria under your nails may be transferred to your scalp and as a result your head will itch. So de-stress your body and mind instead of evil itchy scalpGet rid of yourself.

If your itchy scalp persists and all these home remedies fail, it’s time to visit a dermatologist. You may have special skin conditions. Don’t forget that the best way to find the cause of a problem is always to consult a doctor.

Pars Fars

December 6, 2016 12:51 p.m

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